POST: 'His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley' - let's spend some love

What's it about?

This play is about the lack of love in the world as told by his royal hipness Lord Buckley, a news reporter, and Abraham Lincoln - all through jazz music. 

What'd I experience? 

Whenever I am going to a play, I expect a fairly typical theater - you know, where the audience sits looking at the stage. I don't expect the audience to be set up like they are in a little mini club or restaurant. When I realized my seat was at a cute little table with a little candle on it, I was shocked and excited. Of course, it was a little weird because I was basically sitting at a table with strangers... but it did help me dive into the play. It really felt like I was sitting at a cafe with one of those live bands; I've never been to one of those places, so this experience was a first for me and it was AWESOME. Being in that theater, I traveled through time from 2016 to the jazz movement. 

And then there was Lord Buckley. He was a whole different experience on his own. I have this thing where I am kind of used to plays being a certain way, and when they're not... I sort of don't know how to feel. I expect a play itself to have multiple scenes and sets and so on... when I keep seeing the same person, I fear I will get bored. So, during the first ten minutes of the show, hearing Lord Buckley go on and on, I sort of didn't pay attention. I mean, he was telling a short story in his "hip" way, and referring to everyone as cats (it's the best way to describe it), but I really couldn't find the point.

It was like hearing your Great Uncle tell countless stories about his past and never really finding the point. That was me... until the end of the first half. Then the light bulb flashed on top of my head. The second half, it all connected. I mean, I sort of face palmed myself for being so slow... but that doesn't matter because I still got it. The whole time, this play was about the lack of love in the world.

I am about to give you guys the breakdown... it might seem completely weird, but that's because it is. But stick with me, because it is awesome. So, we are all cat and kitties. There are red cats, blue cats, yellow cats and you get the idea. These cats are all lacking one thing - love. So his royal hipness Lord Buckley and the news reporter decide that there needs to be a new government called Love with Lord Buckley as the Secretary. And Secretary Lord Buckley translates our first amendment as, letting all cats (black cats, blue cats, kitties, etc.) believe and say as they please. The 4th amendment, which is privacy, as told by the reporter was translated into the MC Hammer's "Can't touch this." Then there was Lord Buckley's favorite amendment, which is the 13th, and it states that all cats, blue, white, green, etc. are equal. 

Here is the Hip Vocab
Love - The name of the new Government
Hipocrats - People who are part of the Love Government.
Hiponomy - The economy of the Love Government. 
Hip - All of you who decide to spend love. 

I cannot end this post without my favorite line from the whole show which is, "If things don't work out, you can still vote for Kanye in 2020!" I will never get over that. It was told as Lord Buckley explained the lack of love and told a story about a cat that became ruler. 

I know that during the holiday times, the whole theme of love is kinda cliche. And I know that the whole idea makes this play sound cliche, but I promise it isn't. It's awesome and I hope all you cats join the Love government with its "hiponomy" and spend some love. 

Want to see it?

$15 Student Rush

@ 59E59 Theaters
thru Jan. 1