POST: Hideaway Circus' 'Slumber' - shit man, finish the job

What's it about?

5 “best friends” and their crazy night at the club

What'd I experience?

Okay. This shit was crazy, and I loved it. Like shit. It was really good. I’m so excited to tell you about it that I don’t even know where to start.

Let me tell you, this place was fuckin’ poppin’. For being in a shady ass neighborhood, it was pretty cool. I walk into this Harley Quinn inspired room and hear artists from Melanie Martinez to Halsey. Like wahhhhhttt? You’ve already sold me, and the show didn’t even start yet.

You're welcome. 

It opens with these five chicks awkwardly lying on top of each other. Their dancing matches the beats of the music in the background, and this coordination follows throughout each performance. There's a lot of contemporary dancing, which is great and all, but not my style. Then, one of them starts killing the other girls. See? That’s a plot twist I can get behind.

So, I don’t know any of their names, and I can’t tell if it’s because I wasn’t paying close attention, or they never said it, but there’s only one character that really matters. We’re gonna call her double bun chick because as you can imagine, that was her most identifying feature.

They all meet some guy at the club and fight to get his attention, which isn’t cute. Respect yo selves ladies. Anyways, he flirts through his acrobatics on what looked to be a stripper pole, which was actually pretty sexy. Go figure. In the end, he chooses double bun chick, who is one pretty socially awkward child, but not for long. She gets into his kinky shit and even licks him back. Gross, but I was like ooohhhh girrrlll. I knew there was some crazy in you. Then, she kills him. WHAT? Did that just happen?  

Then, I somehow get pulled into audience participation. Since I’ve never been picked, I kind of ignored it, thinking they were talking to someone else. Nope. It was me. If it wasn’t obvious, the spotlight shifting towards my seat made it pretty obvious. Being tired from a long day, my social awkwardness was gone and I decided, hey. Why not? I become her accomplice and oddly agree to do everything she asks, which is pretty terrible in hindsight. I not only help her dispose of the body (I gotchu boo boo), but I also become her human chair. She was my favorite character, I couldn’t resist. That and I ended up getting a selfie with her at her request, so like it’s a win-win right? Right?

It ends with her getting murdered by one of her friends that she didn’t fully kill (what a bummer). And on that note, why do people never finish the job? I feel like I’ve had this conversation a bunch of times. We have these villains who will either tell you their master plan before they kill you or only get half the job done. Now, I ain’t about that murdering life, but if you’re gonna do a job. Get. It. Right. If there’s any takeaway I got from this show, it was, shit man, finish the job. That and bitches be cray.

Want to see it?

$45 tickets

Hideaway Circus: Slumber
House of Yes
thru Nov. 6