POST: 'Heisenberg' - it doesn't matter, just love them

What's it about?

The chemical reaction of love. 

What'd I experience?

It happened. I was finally late to a show - 9 minutes to be exact. Thankfully, I had already read ‘5 Steps to Being Gracefully Late to the Theatre’ (shout out to Samiha!). I did fail at step number two though, because I apologized about 5 times as I scooted into my seat. But fu*k if I didn’t walk in there with purpose.

I will say, I felt like walking in late actually may have been the best part for me. Not because it made the play nine minutes shorter, but because by walking in late there was this effect it added to the atmosphere of this story. I walked in midway through Alex and Georgie's first meeting. It felt extremely intimate - almost like eavesdropping on an interesting story that has nothing to do with you. It's something I hadn't really paid much mind to before, but it's quite a unique feeling to be introduced to strangers who you then just happen to witness ‘fall in love’.

When it comes to describing relationships I’m a huge fan of analogies. Before seeing this play and just knowing that the premise of the story involved a 10+ year age gap, I wasn’t expecting kindergarteners on a playground as an analogy for Alex and Georgie. Alex is a 75 (give or take) and Georgie is 40 something (I have amazing memory), so I just start conjuring up some theories for these two. Maybe some daddy issues or some screwed up Dad’s best friend likes his daughter situation, but nope. It’s two complete strangers who much like toddlers on a playground find each other insanely annoying yet down the line show how end up making out years later.

Even though Georgie is 40 something she reminded me more of a high school girl than a full fledged adult. With the energy (and stamina) of a 17 year old it added to the already ‘big’ age gap between her and Alex. Not only did it make her stand out against Alex, but it also made her flaws a lot more understandable. For one Georgie is far from being a perfect mother, having a teenage runaway for a son only adds to her frustration. There was something about the way she carried herself that just shouted out anxiety to me. As someone who’s pretty freaking anxious 80% of the time, her never-still habits were really telling of Georgie's inner workings. To me she was the perfect depiction of a teenager in clear need of support, and thankfully she met Alex.

Alex is the ideal gentleman that ¾ of women hope their husbands grow old to be. At 75 (and looking pretty good) he’s a single bachelor just living his life with his butcher shop. All turned upside down as soon as Georgie walks through his door. As opposite as these two are it seems the world brought them together just when they needed it. Where Georgie needed some supportive force in her life, Alex needed that push forward to seek adventure. Through snippets of their relationship as it develops it’s pretty clear that up until meeting Georgie, Alex has led a pretty tame life. Only Georgie seems to notice the adventurous beast that lies within Alex.

The name Heisenberg was pretty bizarre to me, but on my way back home as I sat on the train I started to think of Alex and Georgie’s relationship in terms of science. A lot of their sharing of information between one another was based on reaction. If Alex mentioned more personal information, Georgie would feel the need to lie in order to relate to him. Most of the time her reactions where impulsive, but consistently impulsive as if she was somehow programed to react that way. Since she was American, it could have also been some sort of commentary on culture. As if to say she felt the need to one up someone or desperately be relatable to fit in, unlike Alex who never seemed the least bit bothered by being different. He didn’t feel a need to conform or feel needed by someone, so in that way their two worlds ultimately teach them both something they were missing.

Even though Alex and Georgie love story doesn’t end in a traditional way, I think there was a really important thing their story discovered. Alex tells Georgie that people are far too concerned with labeling everything that they forget to just feel. The experience of falling in love or just getting to know someone is always tainted by an incessant need to label the relationship. It’s truly wasted time that could have been invested in creating memories with the person. In the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter how you get to loving someone or why you love them, just love them, because that in itself is more telling than anything else will ever be.

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