POST: 'Harper Regan' - she is a badass

What's it about?

Harper's dad is on his deathbed, her boss is an asshole, and her husband is jobless, it's the perfect time to take a road trip. 

What'd I experience?

Harper Regan is a bad ass. I think that’s pretty straightforward when when she stabs a guy’s neck. Backtrack to the start, Harper has a menial job that can’t come close to paying for a home in London, her boss is a weirdo, her husband is a registered sex offender, and now her dad is dying. Oh, the weirdo boss? Yeah, he won’t give Harper a day off to see her nearly dead father. Harper does what any rational and responsible adult does - runs away. Thus beginning her badassery (is that a word?).

Harper seemed to have a complication at every level. Her family life is a bit of a mess with a jobless husband who had earned his spot in the sex offenders list after taking some picture of 10 year olds in a backyard. Her daughter, Sarah, is emo. As hell. Which compared to Harper seems like her polar opposite, but the more I got to see of Sarah the more and more she seemed like her mum. Add on some bills that can’t get paid, and it's a perfect chance for Harper to take a little road trip.

When Harper finally leaves behind her family and home, it felt like she was instantly 10 years younger. Every time I get a break from my life routine there is a feeling of freedom that takes over, in many ways everything feels possible. Which made Harper’s journey that much more exciting. But the entire reason she takes the unplanned trip is to see her father one last time, upon her arrival to the hospital, she’s told she arrived too late. From that point her road trip becomes a sort of reawakening for Harper.

Soon after Harper is given the news of her father’s passing, she hits up a bar. At 11am - not judging, just thought I should mention that. Trying to have a quiet glass of wine doesn’t last very long once Mikey, the only other person in a bar at 11am, tries to strike up a conversation. As Mickey makes his first attempts to talk to Harper, I found myself frowning along with Harper. I felt annoyed at the fact that he kept trying to talk to someone who clearly wanted nothing to do with him. But once he starts poking fun Harper and making light of the shitty circumstance, soon enough Harper and I were laughing at him. This is the first time I’ve been able to go through the same emotions as a character in a scene, it was probably the weirdest feeling I’ve had watching a show, but I thought it was pretty accurate to how meeting new people really is like. Like a lot of good things, the witty banter ended with Mikey thinking he was getting lucky and asking what hotel Harper was staying at. Like I mentioned before, Harper is a badass, so naturally when she tells a man to back off and he doesn’t, she stabs him. In the neck. He didn’t bleed to death ( at least I don’t think so), but Harper quickly leaves the bar with a new leather jacket.

At this point I couldn’t think of anything else Harper could do to top stabbing someone, but soon enough she does. After browsing through the newspaper, Harper finds herself in a hotel room with a 60 year old dude. Clearly the woman was on some sort of adventure binge. Though most sexual exchanged are - sexy - this was probably one of the saddest and most un-sexy ones. I’d thought talking about your kids and wife would make a man lose momentum, but clearly not for James. Their entire exchange was really heart warming, because being complete strangers they helped each other out to be grateful for what they have, I mean they still had sex (while being married), but in some way hearing about James’ screwed up situation made Harper realize that a lot of people out in the world often have it shittier than what she imagined. A lot of Harper’s trip reveals some much needed affirmation for Harper that people’s lives aren’t perfect and that’s fine. That she’ll be fine.

When Harper returns home problems haven’t magically dissipated, if anything they start to come forward a lot more. The difference I saw in Harper now was that she was ready to accept them and deal with her consequences. It’s apparent that her family is upset about her leaving without saying anything, but I think deep down it was more guilt about having caused her to become overwhelmed that the only solution was to be away from them. It make sense to be hurt by the idea of someone being better without you in the picture, even more when it’s family.

The last scene was somewhat strange, not in a bad way just in a more ambiguous way. Harper’s husband goes of on a tangent about how they’re gonna move to the countryside and it’ll be a fresh new start blah blah blah, as he kept taking about what seemed like a fantasy I caught Harper frowning at him. It was that combination of a confused and scared expression that left a welcomed unsettling feeling. I found comfort in Harper’s worried face, because it makes the ending to this chapter of her life feel more open ended. I’m not sure if she will stay with her husband, if they’ll really move to the countryside or ever get a fresh start. I guess it’s just as ambiguous as the ending to real life. We have no clue what will happen next.


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