Q: CAN I Go Alone to the theater?

I get the appeal of staying in - decked out in sweatpants and a t-shirt - but once Netflix has asked “Are you still there?” for the tenth time, it might be a good idea to get back out in the world. Whether the 10 hour Netflix binge was born out of pure boredom or because of a break-up (yes, it’s them, not you), treating yourself for a night out is probably the best way to deal with all those bitter ‘I’m never gonna find anyone’ thoughts.

These are five reasons why you should take yourself out on a date (I was gonna say theatre date but I don’t really like how it sounds... ):

1 - It’s cheaper

One ticket - one mouth to feed. There is food that needs eating, there will be no splitting the check bullsh*t here.

2 - You hold the power of choice

With great power, comes great responsibility so choose carefully. Do yourself a favour and self-evaluate. Look out for tissue warnings - did you just go through a breakup? Remove that tear-jerker from your cart. Now.

3 -The dude or chick who thinks you’re cute can actually hit on you.

Same place, same show, same time? Um...Hello, Fate?

4 -You get to laugh as loud (and cry as ugly) as you want.

You don’t have to try to look good at any point. No one’s (clearly) wrong opinion on Hamilton matters - if they think anything is wrong with Lin Manuel’s masterpiece, then they’re probably the wrong person for you anyway.

Lin says though shall not take other bullshitery.     

Lin says though shall not take other bullshitery.


5 -The only person you have to worry about keeping entertained is yourself.

Be as bitter as you want. Let it out...let it all out.