POST: 'Fully Committed' - I would not want to work there

What's it about?

A one man show about a guy named Sam who works at a very busy New York City restaurant. Sam books reservations, deals with different restaurant inquiries, and I cannot forget to mention that one guys plays over 40 different characters.

What'd I experience?

When I read the playbill and saw that Jesse Ferguson was going to play over 40 characters I was wondering how? Like, would he be quick changing every other second, would he have many different wigs, would he be wearing a fat suit?

Jesse played a guy named Sam. Sam would answer phone calls all day and book reservations for guests. Each time someone called Sam’s phone he would pick up, twitch, and change his tone of voice. The twitching was a way of letting us, the audience, know that he was about to get into character as someone else.

The phone would ring every second and Sam became a new person each time. It was so impressive to see someone channel a new person in like 2 seconds. It was like magic.

Sam would honestly embody whoever he was trying to be. Whenever he was an acting like an elder he would get out of his chair, get behind it, and use it as a walker.

He was so good at being each character. At first, I thought that the play would be confusing, being that there were so many characters and personalities that I had to follow but as the play went on it became clear and easier to follow.

When he became some of his own employees, it made me realize that I would not want to work at his restaurant. When he channeled the chef, he would basically act as if he was above everybody. He would be like "Who's on the VIP list for this afternoon? Who's on the VIP for this evening? Oh no, make sure his fat face does not come in here!" He just had a rude, controlling and aggressiveness about him. I was so over him.

At one point the chef asked Sam to clean the men's restroom - which wasn't even his job! He would give Sam orders as if he was a child or something. I knew if that chef was talking to me like that it would probably be another story. 

Even though Sam was being so many people, the premise of the story was simple. It was all about how Sam would deal with conflicts in the restaurant while dealing with everyone who was calling him in his office every 5 seconds. The restaurant was super busy, so there wasn't a time that Sam wasn't on the phone. Based on the chef alone I would not want to work in that restaurant but when you add how insanely busy they are I definitely don't want to work there.

Despite all the drama in the restaurant, I realized that the reality of the play was bigger than the play itself. Sam was everybody. He was his boss, he was his coworkers, he was the chef, he was the people calling him on the phone. Sam was already a busy person who never really put himself first. What Sam really needed to focus on was learning the art of saying "no." Always accepting and saying "yes" to people could eventually hurt him. He never had time for himself. At one point he forgot to even use the bathroom and take a lunch break. To me, time to yourself is important and needed to balance out the highs and lows of life and it's something that's simply priceless.

Want to see it?

:( Sorry. This show is not currently showing.