POST: 'Friend Art' - art changes their lives forever

What's it about?

Molly, Kevin, and Nate go to support Lil’s performance, and the impact of it changes their lives forever.

What'd I experience?

I got on the elevator, making my way up to where the show would be, but the ride up was torture. I’m not sure why it bothered me so much, but the lady on the elevator with me was breathing extremely heavily. It was driving me bonkers. I heard each breath in and out of her nose, which escalated to her breathing through her mouth. Before I lost my marbles, we made it to our floor. Thank. The. Lord.

As I walked into the theater, the set was gorgeous. It had this beautiful studio apartment look with collages of obey posters and various New York pride posters. One of them read, “By New Yorkers. For New Yorkers.” Damn straight. It felt like a place I’d genuinely live in. Like one I would have set up myself. It just had that cozy feel, you know? With string lights dangling from the ceiling and a staircase that led to another floor. A part of me actually wished it was a real apartment because I would totally buy it. It didn’t just feel like home. It WAS home.

Now, I have this bad habit of finding a character I like and ignoring the other characters. It’s terrible. I know, but I can’t help it. In this show, I easily found that character. It was Nate. He had THE LOOK. He wore a variety of band tees, leather jackets, and black ripped jeans. He had a man bun, listened to music on vinyl, and he was the chilliest of chill. Nate not only looked like a character I’d totally be down to hang with, but he also just understood me.

We’re first introduced to him as Kevin’s friend, who dated and also cheated on Lil. Before I get a ton of haterade, let me address the cheating. I in no way believe in cheating. It’s not cute, and people shouldn’t do it. I’m not justifying what he did, BUT I am understanding of where he’s coming from. When it comes to things he wants, he gets scared and screws up. Lil wanted to move in with him, and he would’ve had the life he wanted, but he got scared and cheated. It’s like he didn’t believe he deserved a happy ending, so he made sure he didn’t get one, which is some deep shit.

The deep shit didn’t stop there. Nate would say things like how he was nostalgic for things he hated and was living in his memories. How he hated going home to an empty apartment but was too scared of commitment. How he was scared of everyone leaving him. Of being alone. At one point, he even said, “Shit. Why does everyone leave?” Nate just seemed like a damaged puppy, which seems to be a common thread in the people I’ve liked. I just wanted to help him. I wanted him to see his life from my perspective. I wanted him to see his greatness.

In the show his character didn't seem that important, but I think he had a pretty big impact on the group. He was 100% real when it came to conversations with Molly. He was honest and genuine with everything he said, and... how do I know that? Because I believed him. He’d advise her on her relationships with both Kevin and Lil. Nate gave Lil the 411 on touring and how to dress. He had the utmost loyalty to Kevin, who he spoke highly of. For someone who came off as a lost soul, he was guiding everyone to where they needed to be.

So back to the whole I don’t condone cheating thing. Because I don’t. BUT, I was shipping Nate and Molly pretty hard, only if she broke it off with Kevin of course. I don’t know. There was something about the way they were together. Their ability to communicate their inner most thoughts with each other. Their ability to turn to one another during their time of need. Their ability to joke around with each other. At one point, Nate said something I truly believe. He said, “I’m treating you like a dude. Isn’t that what all girls want?” You’re half right Nate. When it comes to feeling like one of the guys, we definitely want that badge of honor, but we also want to feel like princesses, or how Molly phrases it, “treated like a girl.” When they made out, every part of me was screaming YESSSSSS, but of course, I didn’t get the happy ending. The two don’t get together and Nate rejects her, somewhat disgusted by the fact that she would cheat on her fiancé. Totally understandable, but can she just ditch him and get with Nate? No. Too far? Too bad. I’m still shipping them. #shipping #nateandmolly #allday  

I know I said was pretty focused on Nate, but there were a few Lil scenes that are worth mentioning. Similar to Nate, she has this damaged puppy feel to her. She would say things like, “something can only be mine if it’s failure” and “I’m such a fuck up that no one can be jealous of me.” Things like that I understood, which made me sad. Firstly because her friend viewed her profession in such a closed minded way, and I’m totally team free spirit, but also because I was seeing how deeply rooted Lil’s pain was. How she’s always felt like a failure and was defensive of her profession. Of what she loved. How she just wanted to be seen as good enough once. To make it once. If there was a way to go into the play, I’d go right in, sit her down, and say “Boo boo. You did great. Not everyone will love it, but they’ll definitely be talking about it, and THAT’S how you know you’ve made it. You can’t spell success without u.” Yeah. It just got super corny up in here, but man. What’s up with these damaged puppies? I’ll take them both home. Thanks. 

Want to see it?

:( This show is not currently showing