POST: 'Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas' - it's all about the love

What's it about? 

This show is about Nancy's journey to having a fancy splendiferous Christmas. Through this journey, Nancy learns that Christmas isn't just about having a perfect tree topper but it's all about the love. 

What'd I experience? 

Every now and then I find myself watching old shows that I used to watch during my childhood, and even singing along to nursery rhymes with my little siblings. These thing are usually a good escape from stressful adult life. Watching, Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas was an escape for me. I just felt like a little kid and I loved it! 

My favorite character in the play was Jojo because I felt like she did all the things I never did as a child, because I was too busy being the older child or the "goody two-shoes". During Jojo's timeout scene, she explained all the wild silly ideas she had and how her parent's reactions were always "No no Jojo, Go go go to your room". One idea was to create snow in July by using her fathers shaving cream. Then there was the idea of drawing a tattoo on Nancy's doll. Have you ever caught a child doing something bad and just as you are about to scold them, they look at you with cute puppy dog eyes and you end up feeling guilty about scolding them? That's Jojo. Her silly ideas were really things that she thought would be so cool and she was just so full of wonder. Like all children she had a huge imagination and unlike me she actually took action... which landed her a time out. 

This play made me think back about the times when I would make Christmas cards along with my older brother instead of buying them. Nancy's grandfather said it well with "it's all about the love."  I thought the notion that Christmas is all about the love was just getting more and more cliche as I got older. It's not that it's not true but I personally feel like a lot of those values get lost as we get older. I mean, when I was a little kid I didn't believe in Santa, but I did believe I had to be good to get the new doll I wanted. Now, if I were to ask my little sister if she wants a doll or a tablet she would say she wants a tablet. Instead of making a Christmas card, I would probably be watching Netflix. Back then for me, it was more about planning the perfect Christmas then watching fictional characters have the perfect Christmas. Now, life is full of work and busy schedules, and the few days that I get a break are full of laziness and being in bed all day rather then making cards or decorating cookies.