The season where you can get away with a lot of different styles. It's sometimes hot, sometimes cold, and sometimes just cloudy. It's the perfect time to mix and match your oversized sweater with your favorite shorts. Wherever you're going, remember that there are different aspects to consider when deciding what to wear.

When getting ready for the theatre a few things to keep in mind are:
·The temperature outside
·Theatres usually have great air conditioning/great heat
·The location/size of the theatre
·The time of the show, daytime/nighttime

After taking all of these into consideration it’s time for you to start getting ready.


1. Keep this look in mind for a daytime show. You could never go wrong with an all black look. The fedora adds so much more style to this look especially since it has feathers around it. Wearing flats is smart being that you might be walking to and from the train station.

2. This look can be worn for an on or off Broadway show its urban and chic at the same time. Almost every girl has a flannel and distressed jeans in her closet, but what makes this look stand out is the fur vest. This ensemble is very attainable and you might see a similar look like this on someone else, but what would set you apart is the fur vest. It's always smart to have a statement piece in every outfit.


3. Now this look is for the girl who is going out after the theatre or the girl who's trying to find a date at the theatre. Wearing a cape is absolutely appropriate for the theatre. It bring so much drama to an outfit and uplifts everyones spirit when you walk into the room. When wearing a cape you have to commit to the entire look, so pairing this outfit with heals is the best thing to do.


1. Look #1 is all about comfort and style. You could never go wrong with the color grey. Matching different shades of grey is perfect for the fall and if its extra chilly out. And wearing a fur scarf over your shoulder is always a brilliant and fashionable idea.

2. Look #2 embodies "Holiday feel" a white button down, red baseball cap, and green shoes screams, "I'm ready for Christmas!" While still looking very fall-like. 

3. Look #3 is for the guy who's looking for a date at the theatre! Wearing a vest and cap-toe shoes is a statement! Make sure you're suit is the statement piece, whether its; green, navy blue, burgundy, or even red make sure its the item everyone won't be able to take their eyes off.

Remember: Fall is the perfect season to have fun with fashion. Be daring, and unapologetic at the same time. 

Theatre going is all about the experience from the moment you step foot out your house to the moment you leave the theatre.

Take the time to look your best and slay everyone else in that theatre!