POST: 'Electronic City' - I just followed the ride

What's it about?

The play follows the lives of Tom and Joy on their journey through love, incorporating multimedia and dance.

What'd I experience?

As I walked into Theater for the New City, a theater I've walked past more times than I can count, I felt out of place. I walked into an alternate universe where the theater was an office space. There was a front desk and rooms that looked like little offices. As I made my way down the hall, the alternate universe brought me back to reality, and I found where I was supposed to be.

I made my way into the theater, sitting in the front row. Something strange happened after that. A couple sat in the front row with me, which was really cool. The woman seemed like the type to "tell it like it is," making me laugh as I overheard some of her conversation. I want to say the hugest thank you to that couple because for once, I wasn't alone in the front, and it felt nice.

Tom entered the stage with most of the ensemble. He woke up in a strange place and couldn't remember anything. Tom described it as "sitting in a business room waiting, but waiting for what?" He would yell into the nothingness, yearning for answers but falling on deaf ears. "Everything is a blur. Is anyone there," he yelled as he cried.  Tom was lost and confused, and seeing how his tears made his makeup run, I put myself in his shoes. I felt his pain and fear of the unknown. Of the silence. Of being completely and utterly alone. It gives me chills even now. I had to hold back tears as he sat right in front of me with tears streaming down his eyes. I felt like the illest jerk. 

Thankfully he made me laugh shortly after, which was refreshing seeing as I was about to have a full on cry fest. There was a scene where he talks about being at the gym, and he did situps, but I'm not really sure that I would even call those situps. It was like lifting his head and maybe a bit of his body? It was terrible but really adorable to watch.  Like bendito.

The cast would break into dance during random moments, and it was the weirdest/funniest thing to see. One of the guys looked like he was getting electrocuted, which I'm not sure is a dance move, but hey, who am I to judge? There also was a scene where they all became a medication ad, and the guy who was reading off the effects was just so into it... I just couldn't. Like yes. YAASSS QUEEENNN. OH OH! And there was a song, and I shit you not, it probably used the word "fuck" more times than I've ever heard in one song. The chorus was literally "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck," and it was the strangest/funniest thing to hear because I didn't expect a whole song about "fuck," but I see what you did there. That's some solid humor guys.

Then came Joy. I had some questions about her. Why did she have a sign that said her name on it? Why was she the ONLY character with her name on it? Did it make her special or something? I didn't get it, but ANYWAYS I liked her relationship with some mystery dude whose name I've conveniently forgotten. They both had so much in common, and when they both exclaimed, "MCDREAMY," I was shipping them pretty hard. He magically disappears after that scene, and I'm not really sure why or how.

She also has a very graphic sex scene with what seemed to be a rich, important dude whose name I'm not even sure was mentioned because I have no idea what it is. The two are fighting to get onto a connecting flight but end up being placed into airport jail. I'm not really sure how they went from arguing to sex, but the second I saw him pull his pants down, I was like "No. no no nooooooo. No. No.....Just no." They got into many positions, which I can't unsee. It's burned into my mind now. Is anyone else seeing this? I just..... I wish someone covered my eyes or I could walk away from just that scene. Yeah. I'm still a kid. Sue me.

If I'm being real, I have no idea what this play was really about. I felt like I watched snippets of scenes that went back and forth into each other but didn't connect. I'm not sure about who each person in the cast was or where each scene took place. I just followed on the ride. I did walk away confused and somewhat dazed trying to figure out what I just saw, but it made me laugh and really think about companionship, loneliness, and fear, so I guess I took something away from it. I realized how important those around me are, and man, I'm definitely gonna be showing them a lot of appreciation after this.


Want to see it?

$18 tickets

Electronic City
The New Stage Theatre Co.
@ Theater for a New City
thru Apr. 3