POST: 'Echoes of Ebola' - the politics behind big pharma

What's it about?

Aisha and Aidan, two scientists, are working on a vaccine for the latest deadly virus for a big pharmaceutical company stationed in Africa. The sad truth of the politics behind the medical/pharmaceutical field are exposed.

What'd I experience?

There was this virus that was supposedly deadlier than Ebola!!!!!
There was so much anticipation, I was growing soooooo ANXIOUS.
The virus was taking Africa by storm and corporate pharmaceutical companies are racing to create a vaccine to then be sold. The fact that Aisha is African (born and raised in a village a little further from where she is stationed) is really interesting to me.

Aisha (like everyone else) is growing frustrated that it is taking so long too come up with a cure for the virus that is killing her people each and everyday. This virus has spread through her whole family back home. Aidan is a Caucasian American male scientist working along side Aisha.
Aidan has came to terms with the fact that as long as they're working on this vaccine he's getting paid. Even if that means that a large amount of a population has to die... Yea, a real prick.

Aisha is a young scientist with dreams of one day making a difference in the world like we all do. The lives of a lot of people is in their hands. TIME is ticking and she is in this lab with Aidan running tests day after day. I really liked the fact that the show gave me a whoooole different perspective. I have always wondered what a scientist was going through when it came down to viruses as big as this one. The same viruses that the press makes out to seem as if they are going to wipe out the entire human race.

The way that the characters described the horror that was going outside in the streets was horrifying. This one guy, Ned, is a freelance journalist that was there looking for the story that would put him on the map. When he went out there in his biohazard suit, he spoke of the horror that he witnessed. Bodies of mothers and children spread across the land like leaves in autumn...

The scene between Joy (a head representative for the pharmaceutical company) and Ned was something that I will never forget. Ned came storming in, revealing that another pharmaceutical company had already found a vaccine before Joy's. Ned did a little snooping around and found vaccines for other diseases the company had brought in...

Whatever it was Ned was looking for, Joy was the only one with answers. She gave an explanation that made me question the pharmaceutical field entirely... What's the whole point? You go into it thinking you will make a difference in this world, just to find out that you have no say on what will be given to the public. The big corporate heads just want to keep the money moving to their side. As long as people demand it, they will keep making it.

But that was not even the greater point. The plan was to make a "vaccine mask a sinister global depopulation". The vaccine sterilized humans. It made me sick. There were more scenes after this scene but I just wanted it to be over at this point. I feel like the ending was rushed even though the play was 2 hours and some change, but it made sense. This definitely had me calling my friends, trying to make sense of it and get some answers.

Want to see it?

$27 tickets

Echoes of Ebola
Whistleblower Theatre
@ Peter Jay Sharp Theater
thru June 18