POST: 'Echoes' - lives that are echoes of one another


What's it about?

Echoes is a simple yet elegant story about two women born 175 years apart but interestingly enough are living lives that are echoes of one another. One, born during the era of British colonialism of India and the other, an Islamist schoolgirl. Both women are strong, intelligent, fearless, and smart, leading lives driven by the force of their morals.

What'd I experience?

What does it mean to do the right thing?

Recently this question has been buzzing through my brain. Constantly eating at my thoughts. The words echo through my mind.

The scary thing about right and wrong is that you don’t know the difference until some time has passed and only then can you finally look back at the act and decipher what it is.

What may seem right now might be wrong in a week from now.

In Echoes, our two main characters decide to do what’s best for them, they believe that their actions were the right thing to do. But in a short amount of time, they realize the grim reality of their situations.

Our Islamist Sister runs away from home in order to marry a 30 year old Syrian fighter fighting in the name of Allah and our Victorian Pioneer cannot seem to find a man in Britain so she moves to India to marry a successful British Commander.

When our characters were making these intense decisions I was very much on board with them. “Yes, do what you think is right. Your sweet and innocent worldviews on culture, people, and religion is charming. Things will look up for you!”

But as soon as the decision was made, I already regretted their choices.

Our characters were so preoccupied with the duty they have to fulfill they didn’t realize what this “duty” was actually doing to them. That it was completely ruining their lives. So much so that I was nervous and edgy throughout the show. I didn’t like how such strong characters can be put down so far. They deserved so much better.

It was obvious from the get go that our Victorian Pioneers husband was abusive and ignorant. And it was obvious that our Islamic Sister’s husband was a bad man as well. But because they made their choice they were forced to endure it as long as possible.

And that’s what scared me.

There are people in this world who live their lives believing they have no say in the direction they go claiming their lives have already been predetermined by a higher being.

I respectfully disagree.

My philosophy on life is; do what you gotta do, if things don’t go your way then just brush it off and make it into a nice story you can tell people during a cocktail party.

You have complete say over what happens to you and if not that then how you perceive what has happened to you.

Life is what you make of it so be defiant, be courageous, and be strong.