POST: 'Due To Events' - house arrest doesn't sound so bad

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What's it about?

A woman who faces house arrest.

What'd I experience?

To be quite honest whenever I hear “house arrest” my mind goes on a journey. I think of all the things someone can do at home. You’re literally forced to stay in your house, I don’t mean to sound crazy but house arrest doesn’t sound so bad…

…House arrest could be a nightmare, though. I guess it really depends on your house. If you have a home gym, great internet connection, and a wide range of your favorite snacks - you’ll be enjoying your extended break from the outside world. I mean seriously, you don’t have to deal with the insanity of the outside world. You get to stay in, shop online, and pick up new hobbies.

But... what if you need a haircut, have to go to the doctor, or have to buy a jacket that’s only sold in stores.

I guess, that’s when house arrest becomes a nightmare.

The name of the woman who was sentenced to house arrest is Hero. In the play they didn’t state the crime she committed. Hero didn’t know what to do when she got sentenced. She was someone who was always out and about. You see that’s the problem! You have to love your home and being outside. I’m telling you if she took some time to stay home during the week, house arrest would’ve been a piece of cake for her.

Hero would play with her cat every day and literally have full on conversations with the cat. I have a dog and I converse with him but not the same way as Hero. She would talk to her cat as if the cat could talk back. Clearly house arrest wasn’t treating Hero well.

I believe there are two kinds of people when it comes to house arrest; the people that can take it and the people who can’t. Hero was obviously someone who couldn’t - her hair looked a mess and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t showering every day.

By the end of the play Hero’s lawyer got information that Hero wanted. She wanted a missing page from a book, and she knew who had it. Her lawyer traveled all over and found the page. It wasn’t anything that would help her case and it seemed quite confusing, as well. I didn’t know what the missing page had to do with her being under house arrest.

I guess, everything doesn’t have to make sense and house arrest isn’t really as fun as I thought it could be. I still think Hero didn’t make the most out of it but that’s on her, and even though I think arrest isn’t all that bad I would never want to be sentenced to it. I mean I would miss out on Lady Gaga concerts and buying an in-store final sale jackets.


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