POST: 'Drunk Shakespeare' - like it was made by five idiot drunk friends, my kind of comedy

What's it about?

Drunk Shakespeare is the story of Macbeth retold by an array of very intoxicated actors. Think of the show Drunk History, but live action. Basically, Macbeth is told that he will become king by witches, and he kills anyone in his path to get to the crown. He gains some enemies, and in the end, the prince murders Macbeth. It's the classic Lion King story plus Simba dying and every actor is drunk. 

What'd I experience?

I walked up to the box office and picked up my ticket. The ticket was a business card, and it was pretty snazzy too. As I walked into the room, a woman was handing out a complimentary shot to each audience member. I was taken aback, but that won me over. I sat on the upper level, which overlooked the stage, taking in the layout of the room. The stage was a library, and the lower level audience members sat on stage. I knew that the play would probably be interactive, so I thanked my lucky stars I was sitting a level above.

I sat down, and was jammin' to the music they were playing. I never really stopped. Their music was on point. Before the show began, they played modern songs with a vintage spin. For a girl who’s in love with anything vintage, from music to clothing, I fell in love. I felt like I was in an old time parlor or an upbeat, happy black and white film. It gave me that fuzzy feeling inside. The vintage feel slowly faded, and throughout the play they had a lot of Top 40 songs and classics everyone knew. When they played "Turn Down For What", I lost my shit. That song is my jam. I was dancing in my seat and singing along. They even played "Beat It", and the actors did a synchronized dance. Mhhmmm. I was done. They had won me . I was mesmerized.

They even did an auction for the throne on stage. An auction. Could this play get any better? Audience members would make bids for the throne, and two lucky people would receive complimentary chocolates, a drawn portrait, two trippy vintage cups to drink champagne out of, and the ability to have an impact on the play. It sounded like a pretty sweet deal, and if I didn’t go on my own, I would’ve bid. To be a part of the play and be able to impact it is an experience I dream of, that was pretty cool.

Then some improvisation. Can I get a YAAASSSSS? When it came to the improv, they did it in their language. They'd go from the lame, insanely confusing Shakespearean language to modern English. They even made one actor do an entire monologue in German. Talk about unexpected.The list goes on, and the improv did not stop there. The actors involved the audience too. Brandon, one of the actors, had a drinking contest with an audience member, and he also used another's phone. He even snapchatted! I remember laughing till I could barely breathe. I feel like the entire play was made by five idiot friends who were extremely drunk, as well as insanely bored. My type of comedy.

And, they showed the audience some love. Some kindness. Some sweetness. Before the play, they made sure the audience had a basic background of what Macbeth was about. They gave a brief summary, and they even would have moments in the play where they would update the audience on what was going on and clarified any confusion. They made this clear by yelling the words “point of action” whenever they wanted to clarify something, and “Shakespeare” when they wanted to return to the scene. I found that to be really nice because whenever they would speak in the Shakespearean language, I found myself confused and waiting for them to return to the modern language. Where art thou and all that. Not really my thing.

When I got home, I told my sister all about the play, from the jammin' to "Turn Down For What" to the auctioning of the throne, which I still secretly wish I bid on. It was and will always be too cool for school. I recommended the play to her since we're practically the same person, and I may not have given her the option not to see it.

Want to see it?