POST: 'Don't Say a F**cking Word' - shit... gets... real.

What's it about?

Who knew tennis can be so intense.

What'd I experience?

Don’t You F**king Say a Word was sad. It was funny, but man seeing how guys get on a court (that isn’t even close to major leagues) is deep. I first experienced this competitive nature back in middle school. And to really live in that moment, I felt no different than a sports hero when they are competing. Shit… gets… real. But tennis. Tennis is funny cuz of the shorts and stuff, but I have to respect the sport.

The structure of the play felt like a diary read by the two gentlemen’s girlfriends at the time, Kate and Leslie. The set was clear, but it had nice hidden compartments.

As a 19 year old, I embrace my youth every day. So, to see two guys between the ages of 35 and 40, unemployed, horrible in bed and out of shape, battle it out on a tennis court for a year was HORRIFYING! I was like “OMG I really need to pass my finals now, because I want to be as far from that as possible”.

Don’t get me wrong competition is welcomed on my playing field anytime, BUT not at the expense of my regular life. Real life got in the way of these gentlemen’s games. And it took one assaulting the other and a stained $175 dollar plain white tennis collar to make these couples get back to each other. Even the girlfriends cut the narrating for a minute and threatened to kick each other's asses. This was fuuuunnny. The women did their best to keep up with the men and their competitive nature, but Brian cheated on Leslie and Leslie dipped, which made Russ appreciate Kate A LOT more.

One year later Kate and Russ have a child and Brian is alone, but at least he's got a job. Russ was an actor which discouraged me a little but I’m me and he’s him. We can’t all be stars. Sometimes you just gotta learn when to take an L.

I had a chat with this nice lady to my right and she confirmed all the intense competitiveness that was being displayed throughout the show. She even confirmed the tennis references that were addressed throughout the play.

It’s all about technique.

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