POST: 'Distorted Diznee' - treat. yo. self.

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What's it about?

Forget everything you knew about Disney characters, and get ready to see them in a whole new light as four drag queens take you on a journey through their modern parody.

What'd I experience?

My mom decided to have a breakfast get together at my house that morning, so I got up early and tried to help my mom out as much as I could. My mom, along with a bunch of her friends, sat around the dining room table talking about work and the characters that come along with it. The secrets they only told each other. I was the fly on the wall, and it kind of reminded me of how it feels to watch an episode of Friends. That feeling of comfort and nostalgia. Full of laughter and fun. It was a great start to my day.

I made my way to Downtown Brooklyn to catch up with some friends after. We got sushi, my favorite, so I was a pretty happy camper. A bunch of other friends joined, and we just sat together talking about life, love, and all that good stuff. With these friends, it wouldn’t be a hangout without laughter and happiness. They definitely hit me right in the feels.

The theater was only a couple of stops away from where I was, so I got to the theater, but this time, it was different. I walked through a restaurant, went down the stairs, and I was there. Think dinner and a show type of atmosphere. I told the person in front my name, and I was seated at a table with four other people. Of course there were two groups of people that knew each other at my table, and then, there was me.

At first, I felt really out of place, and I sort of ran over to the theater to make it on time, so I was pretty flustered. I just kind of sat there, looking around the room and avoiding eye contact, wishing the show would start. The theater had a $20 drink or food minimum, so I ordered the risotto balls and the mac and cheese, which was, for lack of a better word, POPPIN’. I felt like I was in food heaven.

Luckily, the two guys that sat next to me saw how awkward I was and started a conversation with me. I was thinking, THANK THE LORD. I couldn’t sit here awkwardly any longer, and can I just say that they were so sweet? One worked in marketing and lived near the theater, and the other was visiting from Australia and was a circus performer. Could I sit next to anyone cooler? I don’t think so. We talked about a lot of things from what we did to the weather to how insanely loud the theater was playing their music, which it was. I could barely keep up with the conversation at some point because we kept playing the What?/ Can you repeat that? game, but it was so lovely talking to them. I was pretty glad I was seated at that table.

As the show began to start, my food arrived at the table. I wanted that dinner and show concept, but after the first minute or two, I ate the food as fast as I could. I tried to savor it because the food was really delicious, but the show caught my eye so much that I didn’t want to take my eyes off of it for a second. I finished my food pretty fast, and I got ready to laugh.

They opened the show with Rafiki, from The Lion King, singing "The Circle of Life". I was dying of laughter. Like most of the characters in this show, there was lip syncing to the songs, but that just made it even funnier. Rafiki made funny faces while lip syncing, and the way he sung and danced was hilarious. They even re-enacted the animals in the background by having the other performers dress and act like a zebra, giraffe, and a peacock. I didn’t really expect that, so I was like alright. You’re cool. You’re cool.

Then, they transitioned into the song "Waka Waka", and I was thinking, OH SNAP. That’s awesome. There were so many references to popular music and films, so naturally, I fell in love. They all did a synchronized dance to the song, and from that moment on, I knew I was going to have one fun night.

My two favorites of the night were probably Princess Jasmine and Snow White, but honestly, they were all really great. Those two characters, however, stood out the most to me. Jasmine had this attitude and sass when she sung, and she broke out into two Bollywood dances. I was done at that point. I was laughing and clapping along. They played a song called "Jai Ho", from the film Slum Dog Millionaire, and she even did the dance move called the light bulb. How do I know this? Because that’s the only dance move my friend could teach a beginner like me. I fell in love, and then, there was Snow White. The way Snow White danced was so accurate to our times and the type of music we have now. Imagine lots of twerking/sexy dance moves. It was beyond hilarious. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard for so long probably in my life. Yes, it was that funny.

I think one of my favorite parts were moments that weren’t exactly supposed to happen. Elsa, from Frozen, was crouching, and as she was about to stand, she ended up falling backwards, landing straight on her butt. It was hard to recover from something like that without having a good laugh about it, and how could you not when the audience was cheering, clapping, and laughing along? There was another instance with Alice, from Alice and Wonderland, where some of her hair fell onto the stage. Alice had this big, curly Cher looking hairdo, and Snow White picks up a chuck of hair that fell on the stage. Alice begins to laugh, and you could tell that it was just a really fun show. I just wanted to jump on stage and become one of them, even become friends with them, because they made you feel right at home. The performers made you laugh and smile, and who can’t use some of that in their life? I can honestly say that this show has officially joined the all-time favorite shows list for me. I give a huge YAAAAASSSSS.

It sadly had to end at some point, but it was loads of fun. They auctioned off a t-shirt at the end and even added in a picture with the performers. I debated bidding, but seeing how the audience was, I didn’t stand a chance. It was sold to a woman in the back for $100+, and she seemed really happy. We applauded for them one last time, and then, it was over. On the way out, the two guys I sat with said their goodbyes. I was so grateful I got the chance to meet them and even talk with them.  Looking back, I wish I said more to them because they made this awkward girl feel pretty normal.

I made my way to the train, and you know how at the end of every Disney movie you learn something? This show was no different. Insert all the cliché lessons that are actually true. The show taught me to have fun, be happy, and to be myself because everyone else is already taken.

Want to see it?