POST: 'Dead Dog Park' - did he, did he do it?


What's it about?

A cop is put on trial, accused of pushing an African American teen out of a four story window, and it creates a ripple effect, changing the relationships of everyone involved.

What'd I experience?

I received my ticket, and as I made my way to my seat, I realized I was in Row AA. Front and center. Color me surprised. It was so cool to be able to be so close with the stage level to the ground. I felt so special, and I was definitely soaking it up.

The show began, and after a few minutes, when it came to a scene change, I got super confused. The way the stage was set up, there was a table with five seats scattered across the stage. One minute, there was a conversation between two cops in an interrogation room, and the next minute the audience was transported to a lawyer’s office. It became difficult to keep up with all the changes, and at certain points, I had no idea where I was transported. I just followed along and hoped I would figure it out along the way. 

That wasn’t the only point where I was confused. [SPOILER ALERT] Towards the end of play, after the accused cop, Rob, served his sentence and was set free, he sees the teen he was accused of pushing, Tyler. Rob continually tried to understand what Tyler had done since the event. If he ever made something of himself. Tyler was condescending towards Rob, instigating an altercation. Rob ended up throwing him out of a window, and Tyler died. This is where I thought it ended and where I got confused. I think they tried to make an alternate ending where Tyler was kinder and made something of his life. I still don’t know if it was an alternate ending type of thing or if there was some sort of magical resurrection type of thing going on. I’m going to go with the first one, but I’m still confused.

Those moments of confusion didn’t stop me from falling in love with two of the characters, Randy and John. Randy, Rob’s partner, was a genuine, honest cop. He was the type of cop that cared, and I just wanted to be friends with him. Just an all-around great guy. He’s the type of dependable guy who has your back. I loved that about him.

Then, you had John, the lawyer. This strong, powerful activist, whose speeches had me in awe. All of them. Each and every one of them. I jotted a few down, like “Justice belongs to all of us…..One step closer to and justice for all” and “No longer tolerate justice for the majority. For privileged. For the powerful. For the status quo” His conviction and determination to do what was right and the impact it had on those who heard him got me. All I kept thinking was PREACH because you just get it!  

And that ending was powerful. Rob covered his ears saying that he didn’t want to know the truth anymore, if he did it or not, but did he? Did he do it? I keep asking myself that question, trying to find an answer up until now. He did have a record of losing his temper and inflicting a violent rage, but was this one of those moments or did he really try to save Tyler from getting hurt? Did he do it? Even while writing this, I want to go to the playwright and find out. Did he? And did he kill Tyler at the end? JUST TELL ME. I MUST KNOW!!  I’ll be tossing and turning for days wondering if he did it or not, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because it wouldn’t change anything. It just was.


Want to see it?

$10 Student Rush

Dead Dog Park
59 E 59 Theater
thru Mar. 6