POST: 'The Dance of Life' - hope for butterflies

What'd I experience?

My first thoughts going into The Dance of Life was I love butterflies! The show was a short one, only 45 minutes long. And the whole point of the show was how monarch butterflies are dwindling in numbers because of deforestation.

A dancer portraying a little girl is the focal point and she interacts with butterflies and basks in their beauty and life. The part of the dance that shows all the butterflies dying, actually had me crying. The raw emotion on the dancers faces with the thuds of the drums in the music, it was so heartbreaking.

The show had me on a rollercoaster of emotions but my favorite part was the ending. Because even through this journey, from the life of butterflies and their beauty to the loss of them and how many are dying, the ending left me with a message that something can be done. That the world shouldn't let them go extinct. There was one powerful word that tied the whole show together for me that let me leave with a fluttering feeling (pun intended) in my stomach - hope. Hope for a change. Hope to be the change. And hope that these beautiful monarch butterflies will one day flourish, again.

- Gina R. 

Want to see it?

$21.54 tickets (online)

The Dance of Life
The Theater at the 14th Street Y
August: Sat 20 @ 7:45 | Mon 22 @ 8 | Wed 24 @ 9:15