POST: 'Crashlight' - the pompous dick can control sunlight

What'd I experience?

Before I went into this show, I briefly skimmed the description. 
- No music allowed
- Dystopian Future-esque
- Guy with semi-long curly hair on the front

I already had some idea of what it would be about, of course. This was probably some play about some guy who wanted to play music, but no one would let him. Okay. Sounds good enough. When I got to the theatre, I was running hella late. I basically ran in and took the first seat I could find. Later I realized, some plays do not start RIGHT at 7:00. Some plays will have a 10 minute grace period. 

My seat was in the second row, middle. When I settled I finally got to look around and see the set. It was hella cute.

When the play started a GIRL came out. Not what I expected. Many girls actually. I thought there was supposed to be a boy here. Also. The girls starting SINGING.


It was at this moment I looked down at my playbill.

Low and behold...

It was a musical. 


I really don't know how I missed that, so don't ask, thanks. 

But you know what happens when musicals do it right? Brilliance. Brilliance happens.

And guess what? It was also not about what I thought it was. But really, from that playbill wouldn't you think it was about a dude who wanted to play his music?

Let's go back now, and I'll tell you what it's actually about:

Guy with semi-long curly hair on the front of it: So he's not the protagonist. He is the ANTAGONIST. 

This dude became the ruler of this country and is such a pompous dick. 

Dystopian Future-esque: Yes yes, this is true. It is. Basically how it happens is the pompous dick can control sunlight.

Now think hunger games. It's basically that, but without gathering people to fight. This guy keeps all the sunlight for this tiny rich part of the Nation called the "nobility". There are millions of others in the "lower country" who get basically no sunlight. About three minutes of it in a day. That's not nice. It's like the bad part of Alaska, but all year round. 

Lemme bring some medical context into this. No sunlight = no vitamin D, aka other parts of your body not at 100% and people with lack of sunlight are more prone to depression and suicide. 

Well that just isn't nice. 

No music allowed- YES. THIS GUY BANNED MUSIC. You wanna know why?

First off, he only allows a select number of people to practice music. The one's that are allowed to practice it, need to write music about his glory. Secondly. He doesn't like music because it has power. He thinks people will love music more than him.

Who loves you anyway, Mark? (I think his name is Marcus)

Now, let me give you a real premise of this play. It is about a GIRL from the lower country, who's sister is dying because of the lack of light. She is frustrated and wants to change things. The play is about how she, and this other guy who broke from the lower class into the nobility, try to shed the light (YES YES PUN INTENDED) on the matter.


Also, my favorite line ever:

"I just wanted the world to have what I had"

It's a line they sing and it's just so beautiful, because they sing it as... something big is going down.

Want to see it?

$23 Student Tickets (online, in advance)

Cherry Lane Theatre
thru Sept. 11