POST: Fordham's 'Cockfight' - human or rooster? that is the question

What's it about?

A family raises a rooster and prepares it for the fight if its life.

What'd I experience?

Okay. So there was this rooster, which confused and intrigued me at the same time. First of all, I was confused as to whether it was a human or not. Let me explain.

So obviously the rooster is played by an actor, but the way the characters react to his attractiveness made it seem like he was more human than rooster. I mean, I get why they did. His red hair caught my eye, and obviously he was tall and had muscles and all that good stuff. The more I watched, the more I took him to be a human. Not only does he make out with one of the characters, but he also talks and thinks just like us. Human or rooster? That is the question.

After a few minutes of being on stage, he reminded me a lot of Lulu from The Fifth Element. They’re both characters that are slowly learning about the world. Think of them as giant children that grow into adulthood in the span of a few hours. I found this to be so fascinating because I got to see how he became who he was, which made me later wonder about how each of us became who we are today. In the beginning, it was impossible not to adore him. He was always smiling and having fun. It showed in his face. He was a curious child that explored without hesitation from body language to his sexuality. It made me happy because he didn’t feel any of the pressures or negativity of the world. He was himself without any doubt, and honestly, I appreciated and envied him all at once. I was glad he got to feel the way he did for as long as he could, but envious because with the knowledge I have now, it isn’t as easy to do the same.

Then, it started going downhill from there. There can’t be a story without some sort of conflict right? They begin training him to become a cockfighter. They held him down, put him in a cage, and rattled it till he became enraged. I felt like I was watching a scared little boy turn into this rage-filled man, and I didn’t want to see it. I couldn’t help cringing and feeling powerless that I couldn’t save him, and yes, it’s a play, but how could I just sit there and watch that? I get waaaayyy too invested in characters. ANYWAYS, it ends with the day of the fight. One of the characters begs his father not make him fight and he starts crying which makes me cry. Dammit Mona. Keep it together. Thank the lord he doesn’t, and the audience gets the happy go lucky ending of everyone being happy. Happy ending. Happy Mona. 

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing.