POST: 'City Stories' - short stories with the theme of love


What's it about?

A series of short stories with one common theme: love.

What'd I experience?

The first story was pretty strange. A story about a girl who wants the letter she wrote to God back. Yeah. You read that right. Apparently, that’s a thing in this story, and people have been writing letters to God for years. If I’m being honest, I kind of like the concept. I mean a way to say what you want to God without having anyone read it. This connection between only you and God. I don’t know. It sounded cool to me.

So, long story short, she falls in love with a man who has access to the letters, how convenient, and convinces him to steal her letter. Now, this is when I pause and say I slowly grew to dislike her. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she fell in love with one of the people who just so happened to have access to her letter. She knew he worked there, and at this point, I’m thinking she’s got an angle, which ain’t cute. I like the guy. He’s funny, genuine, and truly in love. How could you do that to the poor guy? That’s #cold.

To no surprise, he steals her letter and reads it, but the best part is that it wasn’t even worth stealing. She spoke about the basics, from her day-to-day life to her hopes and dreams. Now, who am I to judge if it was worth it, but come on. He put his job on the line for a letter that had no substance. If there was something incriminating or something she wanted to take back, by all means, but really? That letter. I don’t know. I just wasn’t buying it.

He has a grand epiphany and realizes that he wants to share as many letters as he can. They steal letters and spread them across town each day. Now this. THIS is cute. They wanted people to feel like they belonged, like they weren’t alone, which is huge. I love it. I mean sharing people’s stories and giving people hope is such a great thing to do. Granted that’s an invasion of privacy, and I don’t know how cool the writers would be with their letters being shared... but the second I heard their idea, I thought of all the lives it would effect and all the positive it could do. The story ends, and at this point, I’m pretty content. Happy ending. Happy camper.

Now there’s only one other story I want to mention because it really impacted me. I’m going to call it, the piano lady. The entire time, I could have sworn that the piano lady was me, down to a tee. She had this self-doubt and mistrust that I understood all too well. She said things like “I’m nothing special, am I?” and “I don’t have a home.” I couldn’t help but feel my body aching to tell her I felt the same way or have at some point in my life. I watched the story more intently, curious to see where her life would take her.

She played an empty piano as she waited for her train. A man, Jack, continued to stare at her and eventually tells her that she is the love of his life. Similar to her reaction, I would have been totally freaked out and standoffish to it all. I mean, they just met. I think he skipped a ton of steps, but she humors him. She asks why, and he says “You’re the answer to life. I love you,” and there was something about maybe the way he said it or the way he looked, but to me, he meant it. I felt like he meant it. There was this realness to those words that really resonated with me, and yeah, I started to slowly fall in love with him too. I couldn’t resist.

The two end up talking at a coffee shop and she later leaves to catch her train, only to return to the shop looking for him. It’s clear that the two are interested in each other, which is a major yes in my book because I’m the hugest fan of team love. They move in together, and at this point, I’m totally okay with the story ending right there. Sadly, I don’t get my happy ending, not yet at least. There has to be some sort of drama, and of course there was. She comes home one day to find images of women who look like her plastered all over the walls. Yikes. Even my red flags would be up. She ends up leaving to travel the world, something I would totally do. Kudos to you girl for standing your ground. That was way creepy, even for me.

This is when things get weird and complicated. This is when the story lost me. She has a miraculous epiphany after a couple of years about how she loves him and wants to be with him. I was sitting there like, “Really? After finding those pictures though? It’s not unsettling to you? Not even a little?” But hey, it’s her life, and I was just following along for the ride. She returns to learn that he’s long gone, and she decides to wait at an old spot of theirs, knowing he’ll visit. After months of waiting each day, the two finally meet (YAY… still a bit of a creep, though), and talk it out. The two (sadly) don’t get together, but they spend the rest of their lives seeing each other every day at a specific time at their spot, which is a little cute if you ask me. It’s not the happy ending I would have wanted, especially because Jack was growing on me, but for once, I’m content with an ending that gets me pretty close. 


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