POST: 'Chicago' - fame can be a drug

What it about?

Chicago is a musical about imprisoned women who are addicted to being infamous. The cost of fame doesn’t matter but the amount of fame does.

What'd I experience?

When I got to the Ambassador Theatre, one of the first things I noticed was the glamorous chandelier. I was so in love with it. The way it came down from the ceiling hanging tall and steady, it looked so fabulous. I also noticed that the orchestra was on the stage instead of under. It felt like a cabaret. The musical started with its first song - “All That Jazz.” The song was sung by Velma Kelly. I could tell by the way Velma was, that everybody wanted to be right next to her, around her, or just in her presence. She was clearly the “IT” girl.

Roxie Hart, who seemed like a liar to me, was the next murderer who would be the "IT" girl. She shot a man she claims tried to proposition her. The way Roxie was willingly dancing and holding hands with this guy didn't show how "HAPPILY MARRIED" she was. Roxie claimed that she was not going to stand for anybody who would try and come between her and her marriage

When Roxie was found guilty of this murder, she became infamous. She was on the cover of every newspaper you could imagine. She had people lined up to photograph and interview her. Roxie loved the attention. As I was watching her pose for the cameras and smile for every shot, I was so aware of how fame could be addicting. She didn’t care about why she was famous she just cared about being famous. I was just like “Girl, you killed somebody and all you care about is the spotlight? Fame can be a drug!”

All of this attention got to Velma, who used to be in the papers because of her murder. Velma wasn't having it! She saw that she was no longer of interest to the tabloids and was so over it all. She wanted the attention back so badly. She got in touch with matron of the jail “Mama Morton”.

When Velma and Mama Morton talked about how Velma isn't as popular as she used to be, Velma came up with a plan. She wanted Roxie to be a part of her act and do a duet with her because she knew that Roxie's who the people want to see. That sounded like a good plan to me. Well, to be honest I wouldn't stoop that low and seem that desperate. It's like Ummm, Velma you're looking like a clown right now. Find another way of getting the spotlight back without asking the new girl! When Velma asked Roxie to be a part of her act Roxie declined, obviously. Like Velma, you are old news and of course Roxie wouldn’t want to bring you into her spotlight. Roxie wanted the fame all to herself.

And Roxie thought that she would be famous forever. Until her trial day. She was found not guilty and was set free. You would think that she would be happy, right? Well no! She was so angry! She was angry that the photographers and interviewers didn’t want to talk to her anymore. She wasn’t a topic of conversation. Roxie wasn’t of interest. She was now Velma, she was old news.

To me this was all about how “nothing ever really last forever” and to enjoy moments as they come. It is sad to say that Roxie’s “moment” had to do with a murder but it was still her moment nonetheless. I could tell how happy she was with all the attention she had and how depressed she was without it. She didn’t have that spark in her eye. She didn’t walk on her tippy toes with energy anymore. Roxie loved the fame.

When the musical ended, I realized how much I love musicals. I feel like I have a connection with them because I love to sing myself. I love how you could feel an emotion through someone singing. 

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