POST: CCNY's 'The Taming of the Shrew' - no longer this great woman I identify with

What's it about?

A Lord tricks a drunk fool into believing that he is the Lord and shows him a comical play.

What'd I experience?

Before even seeing the show, I was pretty excited. A professor of mine directed it, and I remember his excitement when he mentioned it in the fall, so I knew that I had to see it. That and the fact that it’d be the first college show I wrote about made it just that much more special.

I waited outside and decided to take a bunch of snapchats with those silly filters to kill time. For some odd reason, it kept registering my water bottle as having a face, so I just went with it and took a bunch because why not?

As I entered the Aaron Davis Theater, I bumped into the director/my professor, Chuck Burks. I excitedly said hi, since we haven’t seen each other in ages (5 WHOLE months…ish). We hugged and spoke a bit. Then, I made my way to my seat, glad to have been able to see him and excited to see what was in store for me.

As I sat in my seat, I think I sat next to someone I met once in the fall. I think it started with a J. Did it start with a J? Was his name Jonathan? Or…..I got nothing else. I’m the worst. I’m terrible with names. I was torn between saying that greeting where you just gloss over their name and saying nothing at all. Being the awkward child I am, I chose the latter. I think he stared at me wondering the same thing, but sorry kid. #awkwardkidforever

While we waited, the actors came out and started dancing. They tried getting people in the audience to. A part of me wanted to go up and dance, but the other part decided that was a terrible idea since I can’t dance for the life of me. There was even a dance off.  I was smiling and laughing, and it didn’t even technically start yet. They had these amazing silly face photos of the cast and the director projected in the background too. It was just all kinds of cute. I knew I was in for it.

The show opened with the characters at Club Pauda. The music and dance moves were so recent that I was jamming along. I didn’t know the name of the first song, since it was just a bunch of beats that sounded familiar, but I knew the other was “Turn Down for What.” That’s wassup. That’s my type of club. Mm (*starts dancing*)

There were tons of hilarious scenes that had me laughing out loud. Not like when you type it online, but in reality you’re all straight faced. I meant my LOL. From the prayer dabbing to the air jerkoff to the gameshows about marriage, I couldn’t keep it together. On that air jerkoff note, there were tons of sexual innuendoes, so if you’re into that stuff, this is the show for you. A character tells Bianca that she can’t touch the flute (the object) until she learns the “manner of [his] fingering.” Gross. There was even this scene where Christopher Sly gets tricked into believing he’s a Lord. Believing he’d been asleep for 15 years, he tries having sex with his “wife”, which was a man dressed as a woman as a joke. I laughed and shuttered in disgust at the same time. Oh, and when Batista Minola comes on stage in his mob boss clothes, along with the music, just ace. So much YAS. If there’s any character I’d want to be, it’d be him. Looking classy and just being a #boss.

I found myself reflecting during the heartfelt scenes. When Petruchio enters his wedding underdressed and says that his wife is marrying him not his clothes, I shook my head in agreement. In our society, looks are so important, but at the end of the day, we’re not getting with the person’s looks, we’re getting with their personality. Then, there was Katerina. She was internal me, at least in the beginning. The angry rebel with the idea of me against the world. Maybe it’s because I grew up listening to pop punk and believing I’ve been misunderstood, but I identified with her. While people saw her as some angsty fireball, I tried listening to her words and actually trying to understand why she was the way she was. What caused it. Just like me, she isn’t your pretty pretty princess, like her sister Bianca. She’s lived in the shadows and paved her way the best she could. The best she could live with, so can we really judge her for it?

Katerina did break my heart at the end though. It felt like Petruchio wore down her spirit. She went from this strong, powerful woman to a weak, obedient, submissive servant. How tragic. That whole ending had me disappointed to see such a great woman fall so far down. In a game between men to see which wife is the most obedient, her husband is sure that he will win. He orders her to come to him, as well as get the other men’s wives. She obediently obeys, and my heart breaks at the sight of this. She makes this grand speech about how women should serve their men, and I am done. Katrina is no longer this great woman I identify with. She’s become a submissive vessel, and I just couldn’t recognize her anymore.

At the end of the show, I was lucky enough to stumble into the director/my professor once again to talk about the show. It was lovely of course, and we ended up not only snapchatting but also taking pictures for Instagram. Talk about one cool professor, and that doesn’t even begin to describe how amazing he is. I walked out of the show happy to have seen it and grateful to have gotten the chance to reunite with the best professor I know. #thefeels #ttotsccny 

:( Sorry, this show is not longer showing. But check out the rest of CCNY's shows