POST: CCNY's 'Exit the King'- it was really all about the Queens.

What's it about?

A king and his last hours before death.

What'd I experience?

While this show may have been called Exit the King, it was really all about the Queens. On one side, you had Queen Marguerite, my favorite. She was your cynical, pessimistic realist who told it like it is. She put you in your place when you stepped out of line, and that’s pretty hard to find nowadays. A person who’s genuinely honest with you. No sugar coating or fakeness. Just genuine honesty. She’s the type of girl I would trust. Pair that with her dark humor and twerking like I’ve never seen before (imagine that. In a medieval dress), and how could you go wrong? You got a girl who can dance, is brutally honest, and has an amazing sense of humor. Sounds like the perfect girl to me.

Then, you had the pretty pretty princess type, Queen Marie, the king's second wife. The queen I actually hated. Is hate a strong word? Anyways, the entire time she spoke, I just felt this overwhelming feeling of fakeness. She seemed like one of those fake people who are nice to your face but deep down you know they never meant a word they’ve said to you. She was self-centered, making everything about her and just, oh god, the crying all the time. It was the worst, and Queen Marguerite gets on her a lot, which is another reason why I liked Q Marg. The incessant crying, the misplaced optimism, the delusion she had about the king getting better. It was just all too much for me. I couldn’t stand to be around a girl like that, and it was hard to be for an hour and a half, but it’s over. She’s gone, and I will no longer have this hatred in my heart. I’m content with that.

Want to see it?

:( this show is not currently showing