POST: 'Career Suicide' - this is something that should be talked about

"See if you die by something like a car crash, they'll never judge you. But if you commit suicide, you appear to them in death as a whole new person."

What's it about ?

Chris Gethard gives us the talk that everyone needs with Career Suicide. With personal stories and a comedic twist, Career Suicide puts us in the shoes of a person whose dealt with the real issues of depression and helps us realize that there's nothing to be ashamed of if we ever need to talk about it.

What'd I experience?

When dealing with any serious issue, I always think it's best to approach it with an open mind. As I get older, I understand more and more that people go through issues everyday that, of course, aren't so evident or easy to deal with. Career Suicide shed some light on a really serious subject that I realized isn't talked about as much as it should be in schools or at home. Now before I continue, if it gets too "real" I do apologize, but after seeing this play there's nothing really to describe it as anything but real. Real featuring some light-hearted comedy though, don't get me wrong.

It stars Chris Gethard, an actual comedian that's reflecting on stories through his life pertaining to suicide, depression, and the coping mechanisms that come along with them. Chris talks to us about his experiences with mental conditions like depression from when he first discovered it at age 14 to now where he's made constant strides in everyday life to battling it. I honestly really admire Chris, let alone anyone who finds enough confidence to talk about a subject so openly. I mean its kinda hard to approach because, again, it's REAL. Like this is life guys, and it's definitely something that should be talked about because honestly, everyone and their feelings are important.

That short quote at the beginning is something that Chris said during the play. And it's also something that'll stick with me for a very long time. Those few words hit me pretty hard because it's a little too true. You hear someone you knew died in a car crash and you automatically feel that it was something out of their control, that it wasn't their fault. But let's say they passed due to suicide, then we automatically think they had some mental issues and our view of them changes or we jump straight to what we could've done for them while they were alive. I don't mean to get too grim but it's a sad truth, and it's a big reason as to why this play helped me realize that talking things through is one of the greatest things you can do for another person. As I said earlier, you never really know what someone could be going through. So if you get a random call from an old friend or loved one, make sure you pick up because it could be a call that saves a life.

Want to see it?

$31 tickets (thru Goldstar)

Career Suicide
Lynn Redgrave Theater
thru Jan. 8