POST: 'Butterfly' - they were her escape

What's it about?

A 90-minute play that focuses on a woman’s love for butterfly’s and her ability to always find comfort in them through her hardest times.

Wha'd I experience?

Butterfly is a part of the festival Brits Off Broadway. I did not know what to expect because I've never seen a British play before. I had no expectations in relation to the play but I did have expectations pertaining to the actor. I wanted to hear British accents. I love British accents, and I think I do a pretty good one myself.

The play began with one woman and two men on stage dancing angelically. Each of them where moving ever so gently and doing the same exact moves. It was almost like ballet or praise dance themed.

Right after they danced an instrumental came on, one of the guys left the stage and the other started dancing with the woman. It wasn’t really a dance; it was more like subtle movements. They would make a kite together, hold onto a butterfly net and catch imaginary butterflies together, and I felt some kind of romantic vibe between them. The choreography showed that the woman was not interested in the man because each time he would lean closer to her she would do a move that showed resistance. They were doing all this without speaking. I was wondering when the music would stop so that they could talk.

I really wanted to hear some British accents…

But they never spoke… It was a play full of choreography and instrumentals.

I mean, it was different!

More importantly, it made me pay close attention and look for a storyline, which I did find.

The woman didn’t like the man who danced with her first but she liked the second man who danced with her. She would willingly smile and entertain the second man. She showed way more interest. Every time the first guy came around it was like a problem for her, she would start catching butterflies and playing with her jar of butterflies too.

The first man came back around and was all over her. He was so aggressive and she continued to resist. He sat her on a table, opened her legs, and was on top of her. She kept on fighting him off. This scene had to be about rape. The way she kept pushing him off and the way the music intensified added so much emotion to this scene, I knew it was a pretty serious scene.

After the horrible encounter, she went to surround herself with her butterflies. Butterflies were her escape. Whenever she was stressed out she would cope with it by playing with butterflies. For some people their stress relievers are food, exercise, or shopping. Butterflies were her's. 

For me, the play was all about "finding your butterfly," coping with stress and learning what your stress reliever is. Being able to deal with situations and knowing that eventually in the long run you will be okay. Pain and stress are temporary, but joy can last a lifetime.


Want to see it?

$10 Student Rush

59 E 59 Theaters
thru May 14