POST: 'Breaking the Moon' - I felt like I saw a ghost

What's it about?

Seven teenagers are forced into facing their problems head on, from suicide to eating disorders, together.

What'd I experience?

This show was in the middle of nowhere. I felt like I was walking in a desert with no end in sight. After a long day at work, the walk was the last on my list of things I wanted to do, but it couldn’t bring me down because for ONCE, I was dressed to the nines and looked like I belonged at the theater. Thanks New York and Company for making me look POPPIN’.

The second the show started, I felt like I was transported into a Disney’s High School Musical about suicide. All the characters were sassy and had witty remarks, except for this one awkward, yet oddly unspoken, girl. I honestly thought they’d never talk about their problems because of how much animosity and sass was in the air. Of course they do, and that just confused me. The characters would go from arguing to singing about positivity and being lovey dovey towards each other. I wasn’t buying it.  

When Poe entered the stage, I felt an immediate chill. I felt like I saw a ghost. The ghost of someone I used to be close with. Someone I no longer am close with.  It became hard to disassociate him from that person in my mind. At certain points, I could barely stare at him because it was too painful. A reminder of someone who meant the world to me. Who no longer does. It still gives me chills. I don’t want to think about it anymore.

A majority of the time, I found myself focusing on the words they said. The feelings that accurately associated to what I’ve felt. The feelings I knew all too well. “There are expectations The WHOLE WOLRD has expectations. I’m so FUCKIN’ TIRED. I’m not an idiot. I’m just broken. Maybe I shouldn’t hide, but I don’t know how to be me. Together but alone. I’m sick of feeling lonely, like I’m the only one feeling so numb. Useless. Unimportant. Insignificant. Alone. I’ll never be normal or good enough.” If you’ve been depressed or suicidal, these feelings endlessly circulate through your mind. Some cover their ears to block out the sound without realizing that it’s in their head all along. They weigh on you like the world on your shoulders. Like there's this person in your head edging you on with negative thoughts. You feel like, “[you] don’t want this THING inside [you].” This person. This… this demon… This THING that doesn’t even deserve a name. The more they said, the more I related. It was like they knew me. Knew what it was like. It. Was. Like. They. Knew.

SPOLERS: There were some jaw dropping scenes, like when I learned that Poe was the one who raped Toni. Definitely didn’t see that coming. Her ability to forgive that easily if he just “didn’t hide who he was anymore” was also way too cliché. There’s no way I’d be that forgiving that fast, especially because he chose to be his true self. Then, there was the fact that Clemintine's deceased brother, Davin, was in the show, and OH! - There was this crazy scene where he runs around and asks if they’re listening or if they could see him. To notice him. How he continually told them what he was going through, but his words fell on deaf ears. It only continued from there, as I began to realize that the characters went from wearing black hoodies, a symbol of their issues, into white t-shirts, a sign of purity and acceptance. Deep shit man. Deep. Shit.

It ends with a phrase I continually ask myself. “Are you listening,” which begs the question, are YOU listening?

Want to see it?

:( Sorry. This show is not currently showing.