POST: FringeNYC's '#Blessed' - it's how you move forward

What's it about?

A journey amongst a group of five friends dealing with the bad decisions of one.

What'd I experience?

It was literally about 93 degrees the day I went to see this play. I personally feel like it was nothing less than 125 degrees. I was burning up walking from the train to the theatre. When I got to the front door of the theatre I felt a little cold breeze. I almost cried tears of joy, the fact that the theatre had GOOD air conditioning was emotional for me. I mean seriously, I know it sounds dramatic but New York City heat is something you don’t want to play with.

The play began with a group of people dressed up in white robes like a church choir. I was a little confused as to what was going on but then they recited a bible verse. I know the play is called #Blessed but I didn’t know I was going to church.

After the church choir left, the scene became a school. It had to be either a private or catholic school because all of the students were all about attending church services and living a holy life. Katie, a very religious girl seemed like she was the head of certain services within the church. She just seemed like a leader. Liana. who's an incoming freshman, is friends with Katie and Katie looks at Liana as a little sister. Katie was basically a mentor.

Liana met a boy named Michael and they both liked each other. Liana told Katie about Michael and she instantly disapproved. I was like Ummmmmm, why are you hating on her, Katie? Let the girl live and have a little playful crush. I mean it doesn’t have to go anywhere. Just calm down. 

Michael told his friends Leticia and Todd about Liana. He told them that Liana is also friends with Katie and at that same moment Leticia and Todd were a bit apprehensive about this new found crush. I knew something had to be wrong by the way Michael's friends reacted.

Liana was so innocent, she loved church and seemed so educated about the bible. But all of her innocence was tarnished after she started hanging out with Michael. She would miss church and have less contact with Katie. I started to see a different person in her. She was all about Michael.

Leticia was throwing a party and invited both Michael and Liana, Katie wasn’t invited. Liana wore a short, fitted black dress and lip stick. During the party Liana was drinking and Michael took advantage of her sexually while she was under the influence. As soon as Liana got herself together she called Katie and begged her to come get her. Katie did not budge. She wanted to teach Liana a lesson. She knew that Michael wasn’t a good guy because he had done the same thing to her. Katie actually had to get an abortion because of the encounter.

Liana was not playing and wanted justice because she knew she was taken advantage of. She went to the doctor and attorney.

She tried to take Michael down and Michael told his friends about the situation. You could see how sympathetic they were towards Liana because this was clearly not the first time something like this had happened. I know they were referring to the situation with Katie and other occasions.

Michael was a bonafide rapist, but since no other girl had pressed charges and the fact that he was a straight-A-student, who's also on the swim team with very successful parents - it was hard to build a case against him.

We never found out if Michael was sentenced or not. Liana had a conversation with the Lord and eventually she accepted what happened to her and she became strong. She didn’t let what happened to her own her. She was no longer a victim.

Everyday people make decisions that they ultimately could regret, but in the end it’s not what happens to you that defines you. It's how you deal with it and move forward.

Want to see it?

$21.54 tickets

Semicolon Theatre Company
@ Teatro SEA at The Clemente
part of Fringe NYC 2016
August: Thu 18 @ 7:15 | Sun 21 @ 12 | Wed 24 @ 9:45 | Thu 25 @ 7