POST: 'Bears in Space' - friends are important tools for success

What's it about?

Two bears awaken on the ship known as the S.S. QuickFast. (A ship so fast that even when slowed to one one thousandth of its maximum speed, it can still travel as fast as the average man on roller skates. True facts guys.) One is an Irish Koala bear and the other a Russian Polar bear. The ship's main frame computer, of course, is a talking super smart computer. The two bears are on a mission to save their beloved captain who is cryogenically frozen to keep her alive from the “illness”.

What'd I experience?

So imagine this right… I walk into a show and I see four guys. One sitting and the rest just standing there staring at me…


…And even though my basic instincts may be telling me to run out as quickly as possible, my curiosity tells me to stay and enjoy what’s about to unfold. (Well that and the fact that I spent actual money on these tickets.) The lights dim, music plays and the show starts. From that point on I'm no longer in 2016, I'm 1,000 years into the dystopian future!

The one man sitting down now stands and introduces himself as our narrator for the evening. His name? The Storyteller. The Storyteller then introduces us to the three men behind him, who actually turn out to be his sons in this dystopian future. He has trained them to tell stories in the most immersing way possible, so I can totally tell I'm in for a good show when someone says that. The Storyteller says that tonight’s story will in fact be... Wait for it… Bears in Space. (Who would’ve guessed right?) With a quick command and the flick of his wrist the Storyteller orders his sons to play the “Story Spool” and just like that, they jump light years ahead into a futuristic bear adventure. The show is only like 2 minutes in and already every single one of my senses is immersed in this adventure I'm about to embark on. (Well, all except taste, I think)

After splitting up and on his quest for self, the somewhat egotistical Russian space bear ventures through nightclubs, city streets, and even jungles as he tries to find his way back to his shipmates. Back on the ship though, our nice, sweet and loving Irish Koala bear is doing everything he can to keep their captain alive with love, hope, and quick wits!

After every challenge, the fact that the bears needed each other basically smacks them in the face with how obvious it was. They realize that your friends are sometimes the most important tools needed for success. After sacrificing one thing after another to benefit each other, they are once again reunited in the final battle against an EVEN MORE egotistical space pirate, who they need to defeat to continue their adventure for "the cure". 

No matter what type of show, I usually ponder a bit about the lessons that may have been hiding. It was clear that the message of Bears In Space was that friendship and teamwork are super important to overcoming the obstacles that we face pretty much everyday. My emotions almost cried a whole river, because I realized I loved my friends and without them I'd probably be a sad and anxious couch potato craving for more of that human emotion we call "love".

Bears in Space had me laughing and smiling all through my train ride home. I probably looked like a joyfully insane teen on an NYC subway during a late Saturday afternoon. But seriously, a play about space bears took me on a super futuristic adventure and made me question my morals about what’s right & wrong. 

Now, do you think Bears in Space could teach you some morals?

Want to see it?

$15 Student Rush

Bears in Space
@ 59E59 Theaters
thru Oct. 2