POST: 'Bachelorette' - sometimes you just need to let go of friends

What's it about?

Three out of four friends reunite for a bachelorette party that turns out to be an unforgettable, and life changing wild night without the bride-to-be.

What'd I experience?

As I checked in at The Walkerspace Theatre I saw church fans by the concierge.

Me: Are those church fans? 
Concierge: Yes, take one! We have them here because we don't have the air conditioning right now and it tends to get hot during the show. Would you like one?

I am that one person that gets hot all the time. I even get hot during the winter so that church fan was much needed and it was Sunday and I didn't go to church so I needed something church-like to remind me how good God is, and the fan did just that.

As I sat down fanning myself, the show began. 

Regan, Gena, and Katie are best friends. Becky, who's engaged, is best friends with Regan and used to be friends with Gena and Katie. They had a falling out in the past and never got back on the road to strengthening their friendship. I had a couple friends I had to let go of too, I call it growth! Sometimes you just need to let go of people that aren't beneficial to you and your life. 

Letting go of friends is another topic for another story - let's get back to the play! So basically Becky doesn't like Gena and Katie, knowing this Regan, purposely invited them to Becky's Bachelorette Central Park hotel party. Gena and Katie arrived at the hotel first. There were bottles of champagne in the tub and gifts everywhere, Becky was marrying a very, very, very rich man. 

Gena and Katie started doing cocaine and drinking all of the bottles, it was a little selfish. I mean I know we're here to have a good time but shouldn't we also wait for the bride or at least Regan, the girl who invited you. Furthermore, how did they get inside the hotel room before the party planner, Regan? I had to remind myself this was a play. 

Regan finally came in the room and got on the same party vibe as Gena and Katie. She smoked tons of weed and was ready to do some coke too. I understood that this was a Bachelorette party, and doing drugs is what they consider fun, but come on girls, wouldn't you actually like to make it to the wedding?

All three of them were so jealous of Becky getting married that Katie and Regan ripped her wedding dress. It was a disaster. Regan was so pissed that she confessed and told them "Becky didn't even want you here. I just felt sorry for you girls, that's why I invited you." In that moment Gena and Katie (and myself) looked at Regan with the most shadiest face. 

I was ready to get up and say "HOW👏ARE👏YOU👏GOING👏TO👏INVITE👏ME👏SOMEWHERE👏I👏WASNT👏SUPPOSED👏TO👏BE👏INVITED👏TO?👏" (I had to add the hand emojis because I argue with my hands, it adds more emphasis and drama.)

Oh, if it was me Regan wouldn't hear the end of my mouth that night. Gena and Katie were just so over her they left, Regan left too. After a while Regan and Katie came back to the hotel room. The girls looked like they'd done even more drugs. They were so woozy and out of it, especially Katie. 

Regan stepped out the room for a minute and left Katie alone. In that little moment Katie was so emotional and definitely wasn't thinking straight. She was so over it all that she went into Regan’s bag found her pills and took so many of them that she passed out.

Katie didn’t think it was anything until she tried everything to wake her up and nothing worked.

Becky walked into the room and was livid. She didn’t expect to see this mess in her hotel rom. This wasn’t her idea of an amazing bachelorette party. Regan called Gena to come and get Katie. She came and took her to the hospital, like a real friend would do. Becky was so mad at Regan for being so irresponsible. She found her pills and threw them all over the floor. It was clear that Regan was an addict. She had her priorities all wrong and wasn’t a true friend.

This entire play just showcased how much you can’t trust people, even the friends/family you think you can trust can be untrustworthy.

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