POST: 'Attorney Street' - the journey of a lonely life

What's it about?

A one-man show that takes you through the journey of a lonely life.

What'd I experience?

I’m not going to lie to you, I was exhausted by the time I got to the Axis Theatre to see this play. My day was insane. I started in Brooklyn, went to school in the Upper East Side then Midtown, then back to the Upper East Side and now I’m in the West Village. I had a few expectations as to what I was about to see but that didn’t even matter now. I knew it was all because I didn’t eat all day. I knew I should’ve eaten something, but I was on this new diet, in my head. Well it’s safe to say that diet is over!

Back to my expectations, I looked forward to seeing a play that focused around a lawyer and all the hard work he/she has to get done. I was ready to sit back and see the dramatic, heart-wrenching, and pretty much scary cases that a lawyer has to deal with. I wanted to see a lawyer break the law in order to win a case. I basically wanted to see a live performance of How to Get Away with Murder.

This play basically spat at my expectations and stomped all over it, with 10-inch heels.

First of all, attorney street is actually a real street!

Edgar Oliver (the actor) took us through different moments of his life where he felt alone. His father died two months before he was born, and never had a father figure in his life. He talked about how he would play with his sister as a young boy and eventually his sister stopped playing with him and left him by his lonesome. It was pretty sad to hear a grown man talk about his childhood on account of seeing how hurtful things can stay with you all your life. I mean this man looked well in his 60's and is expressing his feelings about playing with his sister as a kid. I understand that certain situation can scar you for life. But, truthfully, my heart was set on what I was going to eat after this play instead of Edgar's emotions. Sorry Edgar.

After his sister left him he met a boy, that appeared in his backyard. He said that he felt like his mother found the boy just for him. Edgar found him handsome and lit up when talking about him. They played often but eventually, like everyone else in Edgar's life, the boy disappeared. I just kept thinking what a sad life to live.

I do love my time alone, and I truly believe that mastering the art of enjoying your own company is a talent that everyone should possess. But at the same time I do feel like as human being we need people to talk to, to express our feelings, our doubts and our hopes and goals. You could tell that Edgar didn’t have that.

He didn’t have that one person to tell his secrets. Edgar lived on Attorney Street. A street he truly called home. He would walk around his New York City neighborhood and take in the little things that made New York City. He would stare at the cracks in the concrete, the river under the bridge on the Lower East Side, the rats that crawled through garbage, and the dead end streets too.

He was at home when he wondered around his neighborhood. But just like everything else in Edgar's life, his neighborhood ended up leaving him too. The world broke down his neighborhood and started to build big skyscrapers and businesses all around. Edgar's neighborhood was no longer the one he could recognize.

Through it all he found peace in hoping for a better tomorrow, and realizing that being alone isn’t so bad after all. He accepted that maybe he wasn’t someone that was meant to be surrounded by others all the time. The play ended with him realizing this but personally I felt like as soon as he realized that, that’s when he will start making connections with people that could probably stick with him for the rest of his life.

Want to see it?

$15 Under30 tickets

Attorney Street
Axis Company
thru Nov. 19