POST: 'As You Like It' - can you fall in love with anybody?

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What's it about?

A play about love, and the hardships of falling in love.

What'd I experience?

I’m easily bored when it comes to plays that use words like: thou, shalt, commeth, or anything that sounds like Christ himself said it, but I was able to cope with this one.  I already expected it since this play is a comedy by William Shakespeare. 

No, seriously I thought it was going to be a snooze-fest as soon as they started speaking...

...As I continued to watch I found myself asking questions like: Can you fall in love with anybody? Does class play a major role in a relationship? Would people really disown you because of who you choose to love?  Obviously, I was interested now!

Let me tell you where these questions came from. So basically a girl named Rosalind who comes from money falls in love with a guy named Jacques. Her Uncle didn’t like Jacques because he wasn’t royalty like their family. He was basically looked at like “the help.” Rosalind didn’t care and chose to stay with Jacques. Her Uncle wasn’t having it and kicked her out the house. Sidebar… when he kicked her out the house I was hoping he didn’t take her off the will or changed her place in line for the throne or something. That would definitely make me rethink love. If I’m going to lose the estate over some love OH NO! So many other eligible companions are out there!

Rosalind left the house and her cousin Cella left with her. Cella was her best friend and didn’t want her to be alone. At first they didn’t know where to go but then they decided to walk through the woods to another uncle's house. I really couldn’t believe that some boy was going to run her out her house. Call me crazy or, maybe I haven’t fallen in love yet, but you mean to tell me you rather be WALKING IN THE WOODS than to be IN YOUR MANSION because of your love for a boy who isn’t even walking with you? Where was Jacques when you got kicked out Rosalind?

I don’t think she thought this love thing the whole way through. As she was walking through the woods she came across so many letters from Jacques that were taped on trees. I must say they were sweet. They were all about how much he loved and missed her.

It really was so cute but not cuter than CA$H!

Rosalind eventually ran into Jacques and they discussed all the hardships that they went through to be together. Rosalind and Jacques got married and everybody in the theatre was so happy and cheering on. Then, Rosalind got news that her Uncle died which meant that she was still in the will, that’s when I started cheering! Get that money baby! She really won at life with love, family, and wealth.

It really showed me how it is okay to take risk. She took a risk and went with her heart. I’m not saying I’m Rosalind now but it really made me think about taking risk and letting God handle the outcome.


Want to see it?

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As You Like It
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