POST: 'Antlia Pneumatica' - after the last breath, others will define my life

What's it about?

The play was about death bringing friends together. In that gloomy moment, these friends recognized that they really had no words for their dead friend. Because of the time that had passed, this group was left to reminisce and make new memories. 

What'd I experience?

As I watched, I pondered at what my later life should look like. I imagined me keeping a connection with my friends, unlike those in the play. Rather than having a funeral bring me and my three friends back together, I plan on having them in my life continuously. But similar to Antlia Pneumatica, I wish to create my own rituals with my friends. Make meaningful adventures and develop unbelievable stories.

One major thing I realized, you can be so close to people but as soon as life changes its course those same people can begin to fall away. To be quiet honest, this is true in my life. And I am not even that old. However, moving from Jamaica to America the majority of those friends are no longer a part of my life. And looking back, that wasn't something I planned but something that happened because of reality.  Though the distance changed the relationship between me and others, from the experience I learned to minimize and carefully assess what true friendship is.

The (phantom) life of Adrian kept me debating whether or not their friend had actually passed away. And it could be that it was said during one of the many monologues and it might have passed over my head. However, I found it interesting that they did not retain the container in which his ashes were laid.

It was almost as if they were summoned by the ghost of Adrian. And like the tale of the Bachelor, Adrian only needed to be accompanied by friendly faces in order to face the light. From my point of view, though, Adrian was dead. Maybe he did not accept the fact, therefore he did not experience death. So Adrian was still in the land of the living and dwelled with the living because he wasn't satisfied. Like the Bachelor who loves biscuits, Adrian loved Nina. And for his final hours, before facing his own reality, he indulged in the "what if" by experiencing the pleasure of being with Nina.

The play in its entirety had me thinking about death. It's a topic I don't usually talk about, but its impact is so piercing. When I die I want to know that I have left a legacy behind. My friends and family should be assured of my final wishes in order for me to rest in peace. The one thing that science can't prove is what happens after death and religion in some sense gives an explanation. It's an interesting thing to think about, because it makes me appreciate life more. At the last breath others will define the entire life of one and conclude what was the nature of the individual - good or evil.  


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