POST: 'Anna Christie' - I honestly didn’t know how to feel

What's it about?

Anna Christie reconnects with her father after many years... because he had sent her to live with her cousins, who scarred her for life.

What'd I experience?

Before I start talking about Anna Christie I just want to say you never know what experience you’re going to have at the theatre. Sometimes it is all about the play, sometimes it’s not about the play at all, it could be about something you’ve witnessed at the theatre and sometimes it could be about both, and this time it was both for me.

The play itself focused on a girl who visits her father after 15 years of living with her cousins on a farm. Her father felt like he couldn’t raise her to the best of his abilities, because he lived on a ship and thought that it wasn’t a fitting environment to raise a child. Little did he know, his daughter was raped by her cousins and treated like a slave.

I honestly didn’t know how to feel; this was the first time I was shocked but felt no emotion. I usually pick sides but I couldn’t blame anybody. I couldn’t blame Anna’s dad because, of course, he did not know what her future was going to hold and I couldn’t even imagine questioning Anna because she was clearly the victim.

This was an emotional play. Anna thought that her dad was some kind of big businessman, but she found out he was actually just still in charge of a ship. I mean, I would’ve been a little bit devastated too. I am coming to visit you, to see progress and maybe a brand new man, but after 15 years you are still the same? Of course, I love you all the same but come on now dad GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!

Anna also found a little crush on the ship and her father was not having it. He didn’t want his girl in the arms of another man especially after he hadn’t seen her in so long. He wanted time with her, not spent with another person which was kind of understandable. I would want all her precious time spent with me too.

Okay, enough about the play. So during the entire play this man in the seat in front of me was laughing so loud at almost everything that was said on stage. Every time he laughed everybody would look around like Are you hearing this? Ummmm who’s going to tell him something? This cannot go on for the entire play.

Now, you know I had to take a little voice recording for you all to hear this madness!

It was one of those things where you want to say something but you really can’t. Well…. during the intermission this bold woman who sat behind me, came into my row, sat in the empty seat next to me and leaned to the laugher’s ear and said something to the effect of “I love your laugh but can you please try to control it?” I literally DIED!!!! You know me I was leaning in to try to listen in on the conversation like…

I loved how bold she was but I also felt like she shouldn’t have done it. After the intermission I wanted him to laugh even louder. Hell yeah his laugh is annoying as hell but his laugh is his and it makes him whoever he is! I didn’t want him to change himself because of the lady but he actually did. 

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