POST: 'American Psycho' - what being a serial killer is like

What's it about?

He's Patrick Bateman and this is what being serial killer is like. 

What'd I experience?

Seeing a character I have read so much about - even wrote a 12 page paper about in High School - was incredibly exciting. There has always been a barrier whether it was a screen or paper, but having someone (especially as good looking as Walker) bring him to life was one of the coolest things I could ask for. Even amongst my doubting that the music would work (I already downloaded it) I think having this story play out live in an entirely different thing.

For some reason Benjamin Walker in my head was gonna be a weird choice for a psycho, since I’ve always pictured him in a cowboy hat with a thick southern accent, but sh*t that dude was crazy. Since I am a big fan of the book and film, I tried my best not to compare but even when I did I found that I wasn’t annoyed with the differences. If I really had to recall differences all I could really think of is the fact that I don’t think there was nearly enough blood and that this Patrick Bateman’s rendition of ‘Hip to Be Square’ defeated Christian Bales’s.

That’s something that really caught me off guard - the dancing. THE FREAKIN' DANCING! I don’t actually know if everyone was a dancer, but since this is broadway I wouldn’t doubt that these were the best. I didn’t ever think much of choreography in general since I don’t see many musicals, but I was so into that 80’s techno pop. I don’t think I looked away from the stage and the dancing until it was intermission.

Since this story is about a psychotic serial killer the comedy aspect really hit me. Why not make a murder have a sense of humour... while he cuts me into pieces. Patrick had a dry sense of humour which made his view of the world - occasionally - relatable. Not to say he doesn’t take himself seriously, because there is an entire song dedicated to having sexy business cards, but he was very aware that what he craved (and people he carved) wasn’t ‘natural’. It seemed like from his view everyone was a bit of a psycho, because spending millions on stupid things was fulfilling enough they didn’t feel the need to kill homeless hookers. You do you, Bateman. Those moments that were a parody of the type of person Bateman is highlighted how ridiculous the guy really is. There are minuscule things that ordinary middle class people don’t worry about like: business card colors and the ink used or what designer dress matches with the wine being served at an overly extravagant Christmas party. That matters when you have everything, when the worries of food and rent aren’t a priority.

Aside from all the funny music, another detail I think that I got to see about this character that’s unique to the musical is the other side of Bateman I've always wondered about. It feels weird to say that hearing a little about him being a child humanized him. Since he pretty much had it all, it explained more about the society he lives in and how that made him find an outlet in killing those socially beneath him. In general everyone in his world had their way of belittling people who weren’t at their standard, it just so happened that Patrick’s way was literally making them little by cutting them up.

Want to see it?