POST: 'All Over the Map' - some wacky characters

What's it about?

Follow Bill Bower's on his journey, miming across the world and meeting some wacky characters along the way. 

What'd I experience?

Prior to the show, a friend of mine showed me her favorite film, How to Train Your Dragon. Knowing it was an animated film, I knew it would hit me in the feels, but I never imagined how hard. By the end of the film, I was not okay, and I thanked my lucky stars I was seeing a comedy shortly after. 

I make my way to the theater, and I'm able to move up to the first row. As usual, nobody sits in that row except me, and I'm totally okay with that. It made me feel that much more special. 

Let me tell you about the array of characters I had the pleasure of meeting. 

There was the bus driver in Montana. She had that southern comfort in her voice. She'd say things like "ohh baby," and "if you take my bus, I'll take you all the way to heaven." Who wouldn't want to be on that bus after hearing that? I fell in love with her humor, kindness, and her ability to instill comfort in me with the simplest words. 

Oh. Then, there was the 15 pound miming rabbit named Rocky. Yeah. You read that right. 15 pound miming rabbit named Rocky. Funny guy, whose every movement was controlled by his owner. He wouldn't miss a miming lecture, even if he wasn't allowed in. No, seriously. The guy's a total badass. His owner holds him up to the window of the lecture hall because he isn't breaking his streak, and I respect that. 

My favorite was probably Martin. He left an impression on me. Compared to all the other people I've met, he was the only one that made my heart feel heavy. There was something in the air. Tension? Sadness? I'm not sure, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. He was young, in his late teens, curious about Bill's show. It's meaning. The point of it all. He asked Bill if he believed no one could hurt him and alluded to his show being about believing in a being greater than ourselves. There was this heaviness in his words. In his hesitance and his demeanor. His final words being "You know he died for us," before he became a distant memory, soon to fade away. Not for me. He'd always be remembered because he was the realest person I've met, and I can never forget that impression he left on me.  

The rest of the women I met barely left an impression, except for this weird thing they did with their lips. It was a very creepy version of the duck face. I can't even pretend to do it. You know that feeling when you get a chill down your spine? That's how I felt each time they'd do that lip thing, whatever it was called. 

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