POST: 'A Taste of Things to Come' - I am just as tired of the same 'ol routine

What is it about?

Four women, who are over staying home all the time, enter a cooking competition to try and transform their bland lives. 

What did I experience?

I was so glad to arrive at the theatre right before the show started, because I thought the stupid trains were going to ruin everything! Long story short, I took the Q and it was being very disrespectful.

As soon as I sat down, I was introduced to a very colorful set that screamed the 1950's. In the kitchen the square floor tiles were checkered white and black with women in aprons making their way to the ovens. I was intrigued by the four main women in the play. I saw them as gorgeous females who were highly determined to knock each other out and win a Betty Crocker competition. A competition that could change their lives. But as the play continued, I kept questioning what in their lives did they want changed... was it to learn how to become a better cook for their household? Or was it for them to just do something during their spare time before their husbands got back from the war? Then I had an a-ha! moment. They were sick and tired of staying home waiting for their husbands, just to still be home, bored. They craved adventure! And because of my daily routine, I perfectly understood!

This realization made me appreciate the message, especially with this competition taking place in the 1950's. Back then women were just housewives, but some were branching out into different professions. It made me think about my daily routine and how I can/should do things differently, to add spice into my rather stale life. What I usually do is wake up (thankful for another day), take care of my hygiene duties, take the train, get to where I need to get to (usually late because of the train), go to work, do extracurricular activities, and return home to do the same thing again. *Notice I didn't put eat or sleep.

The women in this play were bored to death. They were, as I am, of a predictable life. Because of that, I connected more with the play and it's characters who I think represent different aspects of me.

Besides this, there were also moments in the play that made me laugh, due to the shade that was constantly being thrown between the women. It made me remember how catty females can be with each other. Underneath all of the bickering, everyone still wanted to help each other out. All of these women were different, yet the same. Their stories were similar, but not identical. And the beauty of it all, was that I was able to see that I am just as tired of the same ol' routines in this thing called life. 

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$25 Under 35 Rush tickets

@ York Theatre Company
thru Dec. 11

What'd you experience?

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