POST: 'A Streetcar Named Desire' - the difference between love and desire

What's it about?

The parallel of love and desire. Stella, blinded by love despite the fact that Stanley beats on her, saw only good in him. Blanche, on the other hand, is tortured by the loss of her love and in her torment defines love differently. She defines love as the inability to face reality and accepting someone's faults while delighting in the good in them - love is the ability to accept reality and to constantly workout the faults.

What'd I experience?

Recently, one of my friends came back from Dominican Republic. She was telling me about her trip and how one of her family members went on their family trip with her boyfriend. Because of the boyfriend, this particular relative was the opposite of her usual self when with her family. This reminded me of the character Stella when Blanche came to visit Stella, who's now grown and settled with someone she's in love with (or desired). She, quite obviously, in the sight of Blanche changes.

One thing I never really thought about was the difference between love and desire. What is it about love that allows Stella to be beaten by her husband and stay? Did she really love him or did she only desired him, meaning did she only have a desire to see or have something desperately good with him?

I found it funny how Blanche was enchanted by this world outside her reality and, in a sense, made her seem schizophrenic. In my mind Blanche was like Beloved from the movie Beloved, she seemed distant and ghost-like. But more symbolically, to me she was the internal world of Stella during one of the most vulnerable times of her life. 

I found this contrast between the idea of love and desire to be amazing - because it is something I've never really thought to much about. And since I am taking a class on sexuality, love is a very hot topic. In the play, love is grounded in hope because Stella patiently attends to her sister, pitying her circumstance, pacifying the situation, because she hopes to see a change. She also hopes that Stanley will man up and proved himself to be the man in uniform she met. Sorry to say, but I thought she was passive and oblivious to what was happening in front of her when it comes to Blanche and Stanley. For me, the play definitely ruled out love being blind. Stella in the end was able to get help for her sister because she saw something wrong.

However, I am entangled in a theory that came up for me: what if Blanche was the conscience of Stella? What does the ending then mean, then? Does it mean that Stella's consciousness leaves her as she now accepts reality. Or does it mean Blanche was a fragment of her subconscious mind which was created to valuate her beauty and past life which drove her to leave Stanley?   

The play was worth my 3hrs. 30mins, every sec. kept me in suspense, especially where it was concerning Blanche. Blanche had no filter but yet seemed to filtered out everything. Blanche's reality is gone and she is not able to grieve, because she walked in on her husband having an affair with man. I admired her strength and her weakness because she was resilient, she sought out help, and gave signs but she was deeply wounded after Stanley raped her. This play was like a roller coaster. 

Want to see it?

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