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Before I get into this, I just want to talk about how much everyone made fun of me when I said I was going to see this show. I was telling everyone "oh, I'm going to see A Few Good Men this Friday," and everyone would say "oh, what are their names" or "Wow, that's pretty slutty of you." It got old after the first few times, but LITERALLY EVERYONE kept doing it. I'm just trying to see a play based on a movie I love, and I'm getting all this ridicule. And it didn't help that I would occasionally flub and say "a good few men" sometimes, because that just made it sound worse. So to everyone reading that made a little joke when I said I was seeing this, I don't like you. Yeah, if the roles were reversed I would have definitely done the same to you, but this isn't about you, this is about ME.

Anyway, the first thing that surprised me when I got to the show was to learn that it actually was a play first. This whole time I thought Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson's "'YOU WANT ANSWERS' 'I WANT THE TRUTH' 'YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH'" thing was the original deal. Now I'm finding out that it was actually this huge show that had a very successful Broadway run. I'm always late to these things.

As for the show itself, it felt like watching the movie all over again. I mean that in a good way too. A lot of the time, I will go to see a show just to see if it's like the other formats I've experienced it in. It's a bit strange, I know, essentially hoping to see the same thing over and over again, but I find it impressive. Consistency is always appreciated. Especially, when there's like 20 different versions of something and you and your friends all see a different version. I have enough confusion in my life already, I can't remember 50 versions of a story.

My favorite part of the show was obviously the courtroom scene. It's the part of the movie that everyone remembers, and the part where the previously mentioned Nicholson-Cruise yelling happens. It was very loud and everyone was yelling and I was just sitting there both tense and pleased. It really felt like I was in the gallery at a big trial... the way that the court was set up on stage and how Kaffee would look towards the crowd and address us when giving statements. Granted, I don't know what business I would have watching a court case that had to do with the army, but it still felt personal. And there's another thing that helped drive the court feel home, the costumes. Everyone looked like they were wearing legit army courtroom attire, if that's even a thing. It's kind of like regular lawyer attire, but a little more green with some medals spackled on. 

However, I was torn between the morality of the crime involved. Basically what happens is that a Marine is killed by one of their own - a "Code Red" was expected, where a command is given to take out that Marine. Turns out that Colonel Jesse had given the order to potentially save the lives of fellow Marines, because the soldier was not up to par and was considered a threat to the whole army. Obviously, not a cool thing to do. But if I put myself in their shoes and I'm on a team with a guy that has no clue what he's doing and my life depends on him... my mind might change a bit. Still, definitely a screwed up thing and it gets even weird if I put myself in the shoes of the guy in danger.

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