POST: 'A Better Place' - obsessed with the adjacent apartment at eye level

What's it about?

A Better Place tells of a man and his partner who are obsessed with a rich family across the street. Ironically they have never met but the distance between their windows is close enough for them to know the 411 about that particular family.

What'd I experience?

The Duke Theater was so modern and intimate. When I entered, not many were there. Thankfully, I had a front row seat! Many times I have attended a play and the front row seats are filled with eager old people examining each other and everything on the set while having their side conversations. This time, though, I was in the front row, yes me! hahaha!!!

So, there is a rich family living in one of NYC's prime high rises, which over looks the entire city. And, of course, they come off as rich snotty people, typical. Surprisingly though, you come to find out that they are a rages to riches story, who feel as though they have to do as much as they can to get back to their rages roots.

The daughter (Carol) aka princess, on the other hand, is the spoiled rich girl with everything handed to her on a silver platter. Besides that, she has the weirdest fetish for real estate talk. I mean, she literally gets horny on real estate talk, for example exquisite vanity, rooftop view with a pinch of Mediterranean style. While watching (from the front row seat) her ooooooing and awwing, I began to get extremely uncomfortable to the point I looked away many times. The fetishes that people have are so unusual to one but normal to others, I guess this was unusual to me. The parents, John and Mary Robertson, have surprisingly typical jobs: carpenter and housemaid. I thought how in the world can they afford a high rise apartment in a prime area in NYC - well, it is called gambling. 

John is obsessed with race track betting, but he wins many times - at the expense of his wife's worries that one day he will lose their life savings. The apartment building directly across the street, from them, is old and run down. One particular apartment is at eye level to the adjacent high rise and the family's apartment, that place houses an obsessed man, Les.

Les, every women's dream gay friend, always tunes into what goes down in the Robertson's residence (pretty much everyday and every hour). Basically, he is able to see and read lips because there are no window shades. It is like those apartments with large windows replacing walls for the sake of natural sunlight and epic views. So instead of keeping up privacy they showcase it for everyone to see, as if anyone will find interest - think again!

What Les does is truly a talent because he is able to dedicate time and skills in reading lips to analyze a situation, I guess it is not only a talent but it might be called... a stalker! Apparently, the Robertson family is not aware of what Les has been doing for the past years, but Les' partner does. Sel, Les longtime partner, is a philosophy professor who tries his best to convince him to stop this obsession - with no success, until one particular day. As John was heading out to the race track to place a bet, he misplaced his special briefcase during the NYC train rush hour. When he noticed he did not have it in his hands, he freaked. At first, I thought what could possibly be in that briefcase, but to my surprise it was $96,000 cash. Who in the hell carries that much money?! That is the reason why debit credit cards were created. 

It ends up that Les found the briefcase but has no idea that it belongs to the family he is obsessed with. He took it home but when he found out what was in it, he decided to seek advice from from Sel. Sel advised him to do the right thing and hand it over to the police,  but Les' conscious was telling him to keep the money and buy what he dreams of having, a modern high rise apartment. If I was in Les position, I would be torn too. I mean who wouldn't. I would dream of the things I so desperately want but cannot afford - BUT at the same time I would consider what the owner of this briefcase might be experiencing right now. In the end, Les decides to return the briefcase to the doorman of the high rise apartment across the street. When the doorman presented the briefcase to John, John was ecstatic and wanted to know who found it. Apparently when Les dropped off the briefcase he attached a small note with his contact information. John instantly called and was surprised to find out that it was the man directly across the street, window to window. 

After finally being acknowledged by the family he was so obsessed with, Les was invited over for dinner as a thank you for finding the briefcase. If I was John, I would not only offer a free dinner, but a trip, a pair of shoes or anything Les desired. $96,000 is a lot of money and steep hole in one's pocket, so John is very lucky. Living in NYC is hard enough.

Want to see it?

:( This show is not currently showing