POST: FringeNYC's '800th Annual Salvation Swing Off' - I have choices

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It had been a complicated week before coming to see the Fringe NYC’s show about dead people and their problems. How ironic.

But before the show, I am outside a building that looked like an old nursing home. I honestly thought I was in the wrong place and waited outside for about 2 minutes, in the humidity. I finally built the courage to go in - and found my ticket and a door to go down a flight of stairs and pass a bathroom. Boy did everything change quick. There were black and white glass framed pictures of old theatre performances on the walls, which led me to a dark hallway, past a beautiful blonde woman who greeted me in, and I was into a black boxed, black curtained theatre with a high ceiling and the cool kisses of fresh air. Looks like my day might have been getting better.

Until I realized I forgot to bring money, because the snacks were not free...

The show finally starts with a short green-haired woman in a suit standing behind a washing machine. Then enters a teen boy with crimson hair and a teen girl with dark rimmed eyes. They go back and forth with each other, trying to figure out where they are. The green haired lady introduces herself as Eden, and tells the duo to quiet down. Then a woman named Olive enters and tells the teenagers that they are dead. They died in a car crash and are in Purgatory.

After these revelations, I spotted words written on each of the teenagers backs. The girl named Suki had wrath, while the other, Mosely, had pride written on his. Two more dead people in love with each other came in. The wife or girlfriend had envy while the husband/boyfriend had sloth. Their jobs in purgatory were to wash clothing each day.

No one wants to stay in Purgatory, and in order for them to get out they must have a dance off. Whichever couple lasts on the dance floor, can go to heaven and finally be at peace with the Lord. But Lucy (Lucifer) seduces Eden (go figure), and lures Suki into making a deal with her, guaranteeing her a spot in heaven.

At this point, I’ve been thinking about the characters names, the sins on their backs, the washing machine, and the word "choice". The characters and their names were clearly from the bible, religion.
- There is Eden, who represented the garden of Eden, hence why her hair was a very bright Jared Leto joker green.
- Lucy, the sultry devil with blood red hair.
- Gabriel, from the angel the one who told Mary about what the Lord was going to do in her life.
- Michael, from the archangel.
- Mary and Joseph, remember them - the Mom and Pop of Jesus, were the owners of the purgatory laundromat but were never in sight.

The duties of the dead were to wash clothes everyday and wear it again. I think that showed that they can change their sins or change the labels that represented them. It was just about choice. Something that all of the characters struggled with in getting to heaven.

The show however had rather dry humor and was quite sexual, and quite tiring. The conversations of the secret relationships between the characters in lust had me laughing, but things got boring. I was SO looking forward to a very extravagant dance off, kind of Hairspray like. But, that didn’t happen. The dance moves were the same feet movement, except for Mr. and Mrs. Envy/Sloth. Ugh. I guess dancing with the devil isn't as fun as I thought it could be.

However, the whole experience made me realize that no matter what stage I am in my life, I have the choice to do what I want. But those choices that I make, will change my future. It made me remember that I am more powerful than I may think. Elements in this physical life might try to move me from my path and that my past might not always look so good to me. But because of the power of choice, I can choose to move on, grow and keep running this race called life.

- Faith O.

Want to see it?

$21.54 tickets

800th Annual Salvation Swing-Off
Broom Street Theater
The Theatre at the 14th St. Y
August: Thu 18 @ 2:15 | Sat 20 @ 3:45