'In the Event of My Death'

What's it about?

A play that focuses on eight friends who suddenly have to deal with the suicidal death of one of their mutual friends.

What'd I experience?

I always like to walk into a play with my own presumptions as to what I am about to see. I guess you could say that I make up expectations in my mind before each time I do see a show. My expectations can come from the title, the font on the playbill, or the image that they choose to promote the play. For this play, my expectations stemmed from both the title and promotional image.

When I read the title “In the Event of My Death” I knew right then and there that this play had to be right up my alley with some drama, suspense, and lots of emotion. I mean who wouldn’t expect those things when the word “death” is in the title?

 As I walked down the hall into the theatre I heard someone say “Andrew?” I was like…

It was my good friend Sarah! I had no idea she was going to be there. She’s friends with people at the theatre company and heard about this show through another friend. It was just so crazy how I would run into somebody at the theatre when there are so many theatres and shows in New York City. You really never know who you’re going to run into at the theatre.

The play began with Peter and Amber, two friends that haven’t seen each other in a while. They were at Peter's house and while they were catching up, in walked their old friend Becky who was basically the popular girl that bullied everyone. Peter and Becky are a couple and Amber hated that. A part of me felt like she was a bit jealous but another part of me understood why she was mad. Like why would you be in a relationship with the girl that was so mean to everyone back in high school?

They started to think about their friend that passed away. He took his own life because he was gay and he felt like he wouldn’t get the support he needed from the people he wanted.

This is where it got deep for me. Suicide is nothing to play with and I know that this is just a play but this is something that really happens in real life. People kill themselves and they can’t be brought back to life.

Five more of Peter and Amber's friends came and they were also devastated and wondering ways that they could’ve prevented their friend from committing suicide.

Everyone felt like they could have prevented it in their own way. They all felt a sense of guilt. They were all so vulnerable and this tragedy actually brought them closer. It helped them and even me realize that we should live our lives for ourselves and not seek the approval of others. It opened my eyes to realize that I should pick up my phone when someone calls me or maybe I should call that person that randomly crosses my mind. Life is truly short and it’s important that we celebrate each other while we are alive.

Andrew HenryComment