Q: Who SHOULD You Take to the Theatre?

The Best Friend 

They will always go along with anything. Choose the weirdest show and see what happens. You’re gonna have so many new insiders after that night.

The Girlfriend/Boyfriend

When the movies aren’t cutting it anymore, you gotta spice it up, man. And make sure you score that free meal after the show…


I know the only time I spend a whole day with my family is on the holidays, so seeing a show together is an awesome way to spend quality time. Mums are pretty much always adorably excited about everything, and as much of a pest as brothers can be... they’re still one of the only people who you can share a single look with and laugh until your guts hurt.

The Teacher

This sounds weird, but you know that really cool teacher that inspires you? Why not see a show with them? Even if it’s a school trip or seeing a show you know they’d like - it’s a nice way of repaying them for all the cool sh*t you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

The Weirdest Person You Know

You know that one friend who causally uses acid or is always stoned, or is looking for a deeper meaning to life, or is always telling you about a new conspiracy theory.... If you’re ballsy enough, then take em to the theatre. It doesn’t even have to be a weird person, you could even just make it a weird situation, by taking a girl/guy you kinda like. Dare I suggest a stranger...? Nevermind, don’t risk getting murdered.