POST: '4th Rib from the Right' - the wounds and burns of relationship

What's it about?

The wounds and burns of faded love, the consequence of forgiveness. The spite of a wolf disguised as a gentleman. Expect the wrath of Pandora's box, a scorned lover ain't pretty. 

*loads rocket launcher*

It's payback time.

What'd I experience?

The pain of heartache is nothing new,
Our experience varies but we are aware of who's who
We claim and protect the gentle guy
And when he breaks us, we question why.

Where is our resolve? The strength to deny?
At what point do we choose to persevere... To not die?
To not be beaten and torn, ravished and broken
To be crippled by words we wished could be spoken.

This limbo and dance, should be balanced by choice
We must humble ourselves and listen; we must learn a new voice
The rhyme of a motive, the rumble of reason
A decision of question of what to (not) believe in

I sat in my seat fueled with rage
Watched the play unfold, like a Stephen King page.
The scenes before me were rigged with tears
I ought have ran out, but I suppressed my fear.

The pain these women went through made my mind unwell
Their pain and sufferings sank deeper than hell
And I watched their hearts break scene through scene
Abortion. Infidelity. Consent: what it means.

There were awkward moments when the play attempted to joke
But the tension that filled me led me to choke
On every kiss, every hug, every guy.
All their promises... All a lie.

The play summoned ghosts of unwanted past
On the cheater's promise, on the liars wrath
And when my eyes returned to stage
The plays struggle had ended. But not my rage.

Where was the empathy? The feeling? The remorse?
Were men creatures of destruction destroying all in their course?
Was there an answer to the wounds in my heart?
Was I meant to be those characters? Would I too, be torn apart?

Want to see it?

:( Sorry, this show is not currently showing.