POST: 'The Robber Bridegroom' - a decent man during the day

What's it about?

The tale in which Jamie Lockhart ”The Bandit” and Rosamund fall for each other in uncommon events, some of which had me crying with laughter.

What'd I experience?

When looking into the show, I thought it would be about a bandit who suddenly took a bride away and, soon enough, they fall in love. Little did I know, that this would be a musical that would have me dying of laughter.

I was delighted by the lighting that they had all around inside the venue, it made it feel like a club. And the colored lights that shone on the audience made me feel a part of the show. When the show started, I was surprised by the musicians with their inspired words and loud singing, it made me feel like it was a party. They had several string instruments and played country music. My favorite, the violin, was played so dramatically - I wanted to learn to play so badly.

At first, since they spoke so fast and with country accents, it was kind of hard to understand but I caught on to it eventually. The characters recounted the tale in third person. Jamie Lockhart presents himself as a very kind and honest man in front of Clement Musgrove, probably the wealthiest of this town in Mississippi. On the other hand Jamie Lockhart confesses during his musical monologue that he is a robber like no other and sings how he “steals with style,” and I thought really? I wanted to know exactly how. Suddenly, he is off the stage and approaches a man in the front row taking away his playbill. I burst out laughing. I thought this show was going to get interactive with the audience, guaranteed. I was hooked.

Passing for a decent man during the day, Jamie Lockhart wins over Mr. Musgrove’s trust while he prevented a robbery. He is invited to Mr. Musgrove’s house to meet his daughter, Rosamund, but he is unaware that they have already met in a forest, when Jamie was the bandit. Rosamund purposely changes her look and ways to a childlike behavior after hearing of Jamie’s visit. She does not want to be rescued in any way by anyone; in fact she wanted to be robbed by the bandit. She had definitely fallen for him.

Well, I was thinking about this - what kind of feeling was it? I didn’t think about it being love, perhaps it was lust. She was definitely fascinated by the bandit’s ways, when they met in the woods the bandit’s intentions were to “steal her clothes,” which he did. I thought maybe she liked his rough nature, since stealing was his thing he was an expert at obtaining the things he wanted in a different manner.

Upon his arrival Jamie was instantly drawn to all the shiny objects: plates, bowls, kitchen utensils, and in one or two cases he managed to take them without being caught. It was here when he was approached by Rosamund’s stepmother, Salome. He was not attracted to her. Interestingly enough not because she wasn’t beautiful or even older, but rather because of the way that she made herself available to him. She wanted to throw herself at him (FYI: these moments though were hilarious). Plus Rosamund’s childish character didn’t leave him anywhere else to look.  

I thought, wow so he doesn’t likes those types of moves. Was it because it was a woman trying to get what she wanted? He seemed kind of uncomfortable and always pushed her aside. So then I thought he was probably faking it because he was Jamie Lockhart at the moment, the noble and honest man. I couldn't figure out which were the true feelings behind the man. I decided to go with the bandit’s, the one who robbed and got the things he wanted at his demand with no questions asked.  

After a day, Rosamund has gone missing. Still unaware of their other identities, both Rosamund and “the bandit” are in his secret cave. During this scene they share their passion for each other, and Rosamund admits she likes him and that she wants to run away with him. BUT first she wants to know who he is, without the marks he carried on his face. Right off he tells her that he can’t, that what they had was mutual but he couldn’t run away. He had business going on, marrying the daughter of a rich man, and he couldn’t mix the personal with business. At this point I was seriously looking at this girl like, really girl? He basically said you’d be his side girl. And his tone was saying it like it was nothing, it was just so ughhh! ... Umm this is why some women have a hard time trusting men and wind up saying that they are all jerks. He ends up leaving to look for Rosamund… well, what now GIRL?

At the same time, Mr. Musgrove and Salome are also looking for Rosamund. Mr. Musgrove is the worried father desperate to find his daughter, but Salome on the other hand was much more careless about it. Her true intention was to find out what she was up to. She had made herself aware that Rosamund had been seeing the bandit, and thus Salome wanted to meet him.

Next scene Salome is confused by another bandit (who btw had always failed at his attempts) for Rosamund. She is to be put in a sack, but in the attempt to doing so, poor Salome all of the sudden trips on her own. I was thinking it was all a part of the act, and I didn’t realize it was all real until the bandit asked her, as his character, “whoa there, you tripped, are you ok?” Just imagine that country accent as she also responds “oh I’m finnne” and I could not contain my laughter. I was literally crying after Salome couldn’t contain herself. Definitely funny but, of course, the show had to go on.

Rosamund and Jamie meet once again in his cave and this time she runs up to him. She kisses him aggressively, but Jamie pushes her away. Although, he too likes her, he admits to her that he doesn’t like someone just throwing themselves at him… with more interest I listened as he said that he liked sensibility in a woman. At that point I was like awwww. He seemed so mellow, his words were soothing, it like got to me. At the same time, I asked myself if these were his true feelings. I convinced myself that they were - whether he was the bandit or Jamie Lockhart. I don’t know, maybe I was still a bit confused at why did he act differently at first, or was this a tactic? Or had he fallen in love and now discovered that those old ways weren’t true feelings but rather desire?

Losing myself in the play, I thought how true it is in real life. How many can relate their story to one like this? I’d be interested to know anyone that can say they did, just to hear that story.

Want to see it?

:( This show is not currently showing.