POST: '1984' - after this week's events...

What it's about?

An adaptation of 1984. Winston Smith has already been captured and now he is in the Ministry of Love with the Though Police retelling his experience. 

What'd I experience?

If I had written this post a week ago, most of my commentary would have been about how scared I am for America's next president.

I would've said "wow all I could think about was what if this book were to become banned in the future like other books had been banned in other countries." "It scares me so much to know that this can be a reality for America." "What other censorship is going to happen in America?"

Now after this week's events. It's extremely difficult to even have words to say. How can I write about a play, a book of a dystopian society when we might be about to start living it? 

I am thinking about the safety of my friends, the safety of strangers. I am scared that this new elected "president" has brought  a new stream of hate. Just like in 1984 where they shouted at tv screens. But I fear that in this society, this reality, they are doing more than just shouting at tv screens. I am scared of the people who see this election as an opportunity to harass you on the trains, on the streets, at work, everywhere. 

For everyone that feels sad and afraid, I feel you. Feel free to talk to me about your feelings, feel free to contact me. 

Want to see it?

$9 tickets (thru OffOff@9)

Flux Factory
thru Nov. 13