POST: 'Molasses In January' - Mmmmm I should be studying...

What's it about?

A single mother during  World War I who struggles to maintain a job and take care of her two kids.

What'd I experience?

Today's the worst day to go watch a play, if you're currently a college student right now. I am dealing with midterms! Instead of studying I will be watching a musical... I completely forgot! But I got this!! I'll just pull an all nighter. I've done it before so it should be easy this time right?

Instead of looking up some information about the show all I can think about is studying immigration laws and Trump. So coming into the musical I have no idea what to expect. To make matters worst, I'm running late. Thankfully, I made it on time. But only after running to the theater, I looked like Usain Bolt. I was hoping and praying there was a front sit available... Yes!!! Once again I'm in the front.   

I haven't seen a musical in a very long time, the last musical I saw was Kinky Boots... so my expectations are extremely high! I know for sure there aren't going to be any drag queens in this musical so Molasses In January has to have something special in store for me. As I was looking at the playbill, I kept asking myself... what is molasses??? Is it a city? A person? An animal, maybe? So I pulled up my phone really fast and googled "what is molasses". I found out that molasses is thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process, a version of which is used in baking. Mmmmmmm I should be studying right now...  

I'm terrible with names so I looked into the playbill at least fifteen times in order to remember the characters' name. The story centers around a small community in Boston during World War I, 1919. The main character (looking at playbill) Anna is struggling to keep her two kids on the right path and also dealing with her husband, who is constantly out with other women instead of finding a new job. This than leads her to no other choice but to leave her husband and become the mom and dad figure for her children.

When she made that decision, I started to think about my mother. In one small moment on stage watching Anna helping her kids do homework, I saw my mother. Through Anna, I could see the struggles my mother dealt with being a single parent. Not only did she need to feed and show love to us kids but as a single parent she had to provide financially. My mother worked two jobs in order to support us. And Anna, she had to find a job for the first time in her life to provide for her kids (it is 1919).

When Anna finally let go of her husband I already knew there was going to be another guy who was going to come in the picture and they were going to fall in love, and this guy was a great person with a great heart blah blah blah blah. Here comes... (looks at playbill) Joe to save the day... and I must admit this part was painful to watch. This is because I've seen that over and over again, a man saving the day for an already strong capable woman. But Anna and Joe sang a really amazing duo "Not any Particular Star Will Do" and I'm not afraid to admit it, but yes, I did sing along here as the song was really catchy.  

More and more singing came along, but I had my midterm on my mind. All I could think about after the intermission was going home to study. I even took out my binder and started to study during the intermission, which was a quick ten minutes. A bit of advice: if you know you have a midterm or a final stay home the night prior and study instead of going to a play! Trust me your mind will be all over the place.

Want to see it?

$9 tickets (through Off Off @ 9)

Molasses in January
Davenport Theatre
thru Nov. 1