POST: 'The Visit' How far would you go for revenge?

Chita Rivera in  The Visit . Photo by Thom Kaine

Chita Rivera in The Visit. Photo by Thom Kaine

Claire Zachinassian (played by Chita Rivera) comes back to visit the town where she grew up. Now, this isn't exactly a happy occasion. Forty years ago, Claire was betrayed by her love, Antone, when he married another woman. There was just one extra tiny problem. Claire was pregnant and was prepared to tell the town the whole truth. So, Antone went to court to make the case that Claire had slept with many other men. Therefore, he couldn't be the father. Jump forward to today and the town is bankrupt. Little does everyone know that this is all Claire's doing. She bought all the land and increased the rent. In order to complete her revenge, Claire is prepared to give money to the town to fulfill her ultimate wish.

This play was so strange on so many levels.


First of all… Claire has three butlers.

To me, these butlers looked exactly like the three blind mice from the English nursery rhyme. Besides the fact that these butlers were able to see and had clothes on.

The butlers were actually the men who testified against Claire in court and the judge of the case. Lesson learned... don't mess with Claire. 


Second… The whole town is obsessed with the color yellow.

Photo by Thom Kaine

Photo by Thom Kaine


- Yellow shoes


- Yellow money


- Yellow gloves/hats


Third… There was a coffin in the middle of stage during the entire performance.

The coffin served as... almost anything.
The coffin was used as a seating place to represent everything from a car to a bench in the town.

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus


Fourth… The younger versions of the two main characters were always present in the show.

I found that confusing to keep my attention on both generations of the characters all the time.

Photo by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Photo by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

Fifth… Claire's form of revenge was for the town to execute Antone.

Her compensation would be 10 billion in "yellow money" to the town. 

Sixth... Claire went through with her revenge.

I didn't think that Claire would go through with it. There was actually a spark that restarted after Antone and Claire met. However, she still thought that it was necessary. Talk about a weird relationship.

Seventh… Antone was willing to volunteer his life.

It was a little bit unrealistic. I mean it is your life. People make mistakes especially at a young age. People also learn to forgive.

Eighth… Claire took Antone's coffin to the cemetery in her residency.

She despised/loved Antone so much that she would kill him but she would also bring his body to the current town she lives in. 


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