POST: 'The Savannah Disputation' - Christianity versus Catholicism

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What's it about?

What would you do if someone knocked on your door and told you that your religion would lead you to hell? That's what happens in The Savannah Disputation. The show focuses on comparing and contrasting Christianity and Catholicism.

I didn’t know what to expect when I heard that The Cell was the name of the venue. When I hear the word cell I automatically think of crimes and prison bars. I thought maybe this venue would be small like a jail cell.

When I entered The Cell, it was nothing like what I imagined it would be. It was literally an apartment that was turned into a studio. The entire show took place in that living room with the audience’s seats spread throughout.

The living room was spacious, comfortable and warm. They had Christmas lights going from one wall to another, a grand piano (I wanted to play it so bad), and the smell of tea! I really don’t know why, but I felt like I was at home. You should’ve seen the way I was lounging in my chair throughout the show.

The show began with a woman named Melissa who went around town preaching about Christianity. She knocked on the door of two Catholic sisters and told them about how Christianity is the right religion. And she tried her best to persuade them on how Catholicism isn’t the way to go. The younger sister, Mary, didn’t want to hear anything Melissa was saying but her older sister, Margaret, was interested and seemed to be on the verge of being persuaded. As soon as Mary saw Margaret’s interest she kicked Melissa out. As Melissa was being escorted out she told them that if they don’t convert they would go to hell.

Personally, I am a Christian and I don’t feel like people are suppose to tell each other if their religion is wrong or right. As I was watching I thought about how serious this topic is. People battle with their religion daily. I believe that there is a God and our duties as humans are to find outlets to spread the word of God and to be a decent person. I feel like we get judged on our hearts and not by knocking on people’s doors and telling them they’re going to hell if they don’t convert to Christianity.

Melissa left her business card just in case Margaret wanted to learn more. So, Mary made Margaret call Melissa to come over. Mary also called her Catholic priest Father Murphy to come over at the same time. So they all come, but both did not know what was going on.

When Melissa asked Father Murphy what was he doing here Mary told her that she invited him to go against everything that she said the other day and to show her that Catholicism is the right religion. Father Murphy and Melissa were both so over it. They didn’t seem in the mood to be debating, but they did it anyway!

They were both going back and forth about different verses in the bible and how they contradict each other. Even though they were making valid points, at one point they all seemed to be confused.

I was still lounging in my chair so comfortably.

To be honest, I thought I was going to fall asleep even though this show had me engaged. I was interested in the topic. I am a Christian and I wanted to see if Father Murphy or Melissa would win the debate.

As they continued to go back and forth, they both realized that Catholicism and Christianity fall under similar teachings. Both religions believe that Christ died for our sins and also believe that there will be a judgment day.

At this point I was like “Sooooooo, we did all this fighting just to realize that we are all the same?”

I could see that Melissa felt silly. I meant, she had to because she’s been preaching about how Christianity is the one true religion but just learned that Catholicism is very similar. She clearly needed to do some research before she started trotting around town.

I loved how they all came to a common denominator without any kind of rage towards one another. The biggest thing I appreciated was the fact that they taught me (and the rest of the audience) about the similar aspects of Christianity and Catholicism. It showed me how one can’t be so one-sided, especially when you don’t even know the history behind the other side.


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The Savannah Disputation
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