POST: 'C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce' - Heaven wasn't so heavenly

What's it about?

As for the plot of the show... it was strange because the audience followed a guy as he went from this grey town (which was probably Hell) to a green, beautiful land (Heaven). 

What'd I experience?

When I first entered the theater, I immediately noticed that the set was set up like a library. Well, there was a video backdrop of a library. That backdrop would then change as the story kept evolving. At some points, I would stop watching the actors and actress and watch the video backdrop because it was beautiful and had a video game-esqe feeling to it. 

What I tried to make sense of was how Heaven wasn't exactly Heaven. The guy and his companions were all ghosts and yet when they arrived at Heaven, they were in pain because the grass was sharp. I was confused. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of Heaven? However, as the ghosts progressed, Heaven became less painful and more enjoyable.

As I sat there, I tried to understand why Heaven wasn't so heavenly. Why did people need to go through pain to get to the nice stuff? I felt like I was in a science fiction movie but with a religious basis. I know that statement makes no sense, but that sums up the show very well. 

As a Muslim, I believe in a life after death, but if Heaven is the way it's portrayed in this show... then, I, for lack of better words, ain't wid it. 


Want to see it?

C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce
Fellowship for the Performing Arts
@ the Pearl Theatre
thru Jan. 3